Tomorrow Episode 1 Recap & Review

In the first episode of “Tomorrow,” Choi Joon-woong (Rowoon), a contract worker, was sent into the field with Go-Ryun (Kim Hee Sun), the team leader of the crisis management team at Zuma-deung, the underworld monopoly, and Lim Rung-goo (Yoon Ji-on), the assistant manager, to save the first person to be managed on the Red Light application. A picture of Choi Joon Woong (Rowoon) is provided.

Tomorrow Ep 1 begins with Ryun and Runggu embarking on a mission to help folks who are on the verge of committing suicide due to severe depression. Then, after discovering a car in which four men and women were attempting murder, Ryeon took control of the steering wheel and came to a halt at the end of a broken bridge, creating a tense situation. The four new fathers pleaded for their lives, and the crisis management team was able to save them.

Tomorrow Ep 1 Recap & Review

Jun-woong, who had made it to the final two in a huge company’s recruitment interview, couldn’t contain his joy as he predicted his success. However, Junwoong realised after a while that the interviewer he had met was the daughter of the firm president, and he received a rejection notice at the same time, and he vomited harsh lamentations on the Han River bridge, generating sorrow. Jun-woong, who had noticed a homeless man preparing to leap into the river, attracted his attention with his heated, wrinkled appearance, which he was attempting to dry up.

The first meeting of the crisis management team Ryeon, Rung-gu, and Jun-woong was called soon after. Jun-Woong’s confrontation with the homeless man turned out to be a target for the crisis management team. Ryun and Rung-gu rushed and kicked Jun-woong, greeting him with a strong greeting and bursts of laughter. However, during the verbal confrontation between the three of them, the homeless guy plunged into the river, and Jun-woong, who was attempting to dry him, fell into the water as well.


Jun-woong couldn’t help but be scared when he saw his transparent hands, his body on the bed, and the grim reaper Ryeon when he awoke in the hospital. Jun-woong follows Ryeon along the path after unexpectedly falling into a three-year coma, and after six months instead of three years, he receives a job in the company he desires and passes an essential exam, on the condition that he work for the underworld monopoly Zuma-deung.

He got a startling offer to wake him up with super pass privileges. Jun-woong, who felt everything was a dream, turned down the offer, but later returned to reality, went through the trials of his coma, accepted Jade Hwang’s offer, and realised his ambition of working in Korea.


Meanwhile, tensions arose between crisis management team chief Ryeon and India management team leader Joong-Gil (Lee Soo-hyeok). While all of the team leaders gathered, including Joo Ma and others, Jung-Gil denied the existence of a crisis management team that provides possibilities to those who commit suicide.

“These are the ones who have been driven by the world and pushed to the edge of the cliff,” Ryeon responded. Don’t be fooled by their decisions. ” When the operation failed, Jade terminated the situation by dismantling the crisis management team, leaving the crisis management team curious about the team’s future. Jade Hwang also turned to Ryeon and remarked, “But you’ll do fine, right?” That way, you can do anything you want, “he continued, piquing interest in the story that lies between them.

After that, contract employee Jun-woong secured work as an outsourced producer at a broadcasting station with Ryun and Rung-gu in order to save Noh Eun-bi, a broadcast writer who was a topic of management on the Red Light application.

Furthermore, Noh Eun-bi ran out when interviewing Kim Hye-won, author of the webtoon “Bok-soon-i,” since she sensed something between the two of them. After telling Jun-woong, “No matter what you see, don’t touch anything and don’t interrupt,” Ryeon and Joon-woong entered Noh Eun-Bi’s mind. And at that time, darkness came over Ryeon and Jun-woong, who were just one step away from being swept into the gap in the memory that began to disintegrate and shatter like glass, raising questions about whether they could escape a desperate situation.

Tomorrow K-Drama Review

With outstanding cinematography and great visuals, Tomorrow gets things off to a rather impressive start. The premiere of MBC’s & Netflix Friday-Saturday drama “Tomorrow” had the greatest viewership ratings in history, breaking a record. According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research organisation, ‘Tomorrow,’ which was broadcast on the 1st, received an audience rating of 8.2% in the metropolitan region and 7.6% countrywide, placing it #1 in its time slot on all channels. At the time, the greatest viewership rating was 10.1 percent (1).

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