Today’s Webtoon Kim Sejeong is a Lively Character who is Always Smiling despite her Struggles

Today’s Webtoon” has released three different sorts of “smile still cuts” of Kim Sejeong in which she transforms into the character “full of heart.”

Today’s webtoon revolves around On Ma-eum (Kim Sejeong), a former judo athlete, who struggles to fit in her new profession as a webcomic editor after retiring from judo because of an injury.

In the drama, Kim Se-jeong is a new struggling editor, joined the neon webtoon editing team. She gave up her first dream of being a “Judo National Player,” but she didn’t give up and pursued her second dream with vigour. She is an example of extreme optimism in that she once said, “When I hear the word “be strong,” I want to do my best and work hard to please the person who said that.”

In the still cuts released on 30th of June, Kim Se-jeong is portraying the kind of persona while performing in character and sporting a cheery smile that seems to withstand even the rainy season. Kim Se-jeong, who always has a bright smile no matter where she is or what is happening, can be seen. Her image in the stills alone embodies the happy energy and positive mindset of her complete heart.

Today’s Webtoon still cuts, SBS

The passionate energy that Sejeong Kim possesses is another justification for presenting such performances. The charismatic young actor Kim Se-jeong, who is known for her demanding acting in a wide range of genres and romance is ideal for this role. As a result, there are rising hopes that “Today’s Webtoon” will continue the box office fever started by SBS’ “Business Proposal” at the beginning of this year.

According to the production crew, Kim Se-jeong “gave her whole heart to ‘Onmaeum’ with her warm energy and bright and positive image, who performs her best in whatever role. She continually uses her attitude to establish the tone on the set.

Meanwhile, Today’s Webtoon is set to be released on July 29, 2022, on SBS.

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