Today’s Webtoon Episode 1 Recap

In Today’s Webtoon Ep 1 Kim Se-jeong began a new life as a contract worker for neon webtoon after retiring judo.

Onmaum (Kim Se-jeong), who applied for the open recruitment of a neon webtoon, was drawn in the first episode of SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “Today’s Webtoon,” which aired on the 29th.

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Today’s Webtoon Kdrama Episode 1 Recap

Onmaum, a former judo athlete, had taken a break from the sport because of an injury. She was working a variety of part-time jobs while taking a hiatus from judo. She was asked at that time by his superior to work a part-time security guard shift at the Neon Webtoon Awards. At the awards event, Onmaum had a positive first encounter with Seok Ji-hyung, the deputy editor of the neon webtoon editorial department. She believed that he was a stalker of her favourite webcomic creator.

Onmaeum heard Seok Ji-hyung say, “I don’t stalk people. I claimed not to be a weirdo. It’s a fashion that overextends your physique. You should do it, but it’s okay to do it.” The webtoon writer Pomme (Ha Yuli) was saved by Onmaum at the awards ceremony, and Bomme’s representative Seok Jihyung handed Onmaum a business card. Later, she submitted a complete application for the open hiring of new neon webtoon employees, and she beat out candidates with excellent qualifications and advanced to the final interview.

Onmaum was, however, eliminated from the final interview after making a big mistake. Onmaeum, however, got the attention of Man-cheol Jang, editor of the webtoon service team, and he hired hee as a one-year contract employee to work on a neon webtoon. Despite being a contract employee, Onmaum promised to “do her best as her name says,” and she was the happiest new hire of them.

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Today’s Webtoon Ep 1, Source

There was one excellent player on the same team in particular, Gu Jun-young (Nam Yoon-soo). Goo Jun-young was upset that he was put on the webtoon service team even though he was aware that in neon webtoons, that was the wrong team for him to be on.

Because as the team with the worst performance, the webtoon service team was in danger of being extinct. High hopes are held for the future of individuals like Jang Man-cheol, Seok Ji-hyung, Onmaum, and Koo Jun-young who met through the webtoon service team.

Credits: SBS

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