Three Bold Siblings Ending Explained: A Happy Ending

The last episode of Three Bold Siblings concluded with a heartwarming ending where the three siblings finally reunite with their loved ones and overcome the obstacles they faced throughout the series.

The drama, written by Kim In-young and directed by Park Man-young, follows the story of the K-eldest daughter, Kim Tae-joo, who had to mature quickly and put her own ambitions aside to take care of her family, and the K-eldest son, Kim Sang-joon, who had to navigate the difficulties of being a top star while supporting his family.

In the last and final episode of Three Bold Siblings (Three Siblings Bravely), Kim Tae-joo, a doctor who faced many challenges in her professional and personal life, was constantly pressured by her stepmother, Yoo Jung-sook, to put her younger sister, Kim So-rim, before herself. Since she was a child, Kim Tae-joo had to bear the burden of being the “eldest daughter of tears” and give up everything for her younger siblings. Yoo Jung-sook even asked her to yield unconditionally to her younger siblings.

However, Kim So-rim, her younger sister, faced similar challenges and was suspended from school and failed the college entrance exam due to her rebellious behavior. Despite the difficulties they faced, Kim Tae-joo and Kim Sang-joon were able to find love and happiness. Kim Tae-joo reunited with Lee Sang-jun, a man from her past who she had feelings for, and they registered their marriage before their wedding day.

Kim Sang-joon, who had a child out of wedlock, raised Jang Ji-woo as his own son and was able to reconcile with his biological mother, Lee Jang-mi. Kim So-rim, who faced a plot by her ex-boyfriend to destroy her relationship with Shin Moo-yeong, was cleared of any wrongdoing thanks to Shin Moo-yeong’s help.

Other characters in the drama also faced their own challenges and were able to overcome them. Jang Yeong-sik, who had been Kim Sang-joon’s loyal friend and manager, finally found his true calling as a filmmaker. Jang Hyeon-jeong, who had a one-night stand with Kim Gun-woo, discovered she was pregnant with his child and decided to raise the baby with him.

Lee Sang-joon suggests a divorce to Kim Tae-joo due to his belief that he has a biological son, but it turns out to be untrue. Later, Shin Moo-yeong confesses her love to Kim So-rim and proposes to her, to which Kim So-rim agrees to marry her. However, their plans are disrupted by Kim So-rim’s ex-wife, Oh Hee-eun, who claims to be terminally ill. Despite Oh Hee-eun’s attempts to interfere, Kim So-rim and Shin Moo-yeong eventually confirm their feelings for each other.

In another subplot, Jang Yeong-sik causes a commotion on Lee Sang-jun’s filming set, but later apologizes to Lee Sang-jun and Jang Se-ran. However, during a filming session, the signboard falls and crushes Jang Yeong-sik. Lee Sang-jun throws himself in front of Jang Yeong-sik to protect him and is injured.

Meanwhile, Kim So-rim moves in with Shin Moo-yeong, and they start living together. Jang Yeong-sik visits Lee Sang-jun in the hospital and apologizes for his past actions. Jang Young-sik’s grandmother suggests that they leave together, but Jang Young-sik decides to leave alone. Lee Sang-jun and Kim Tae-joo eventually get married, and they plan to travel around the world for a year. Shin Moo-young and Kim So-rim also get married and have a happy ending.

In the end of Three Bold Siblings Ep 51, Jang Hyeon-jung gives birth to a child, and Kim Kun-woo and Jang Hyeon-jeong have a beautiful daughter. The family takes family photos together and celebrates a ‘closed happy ending.’

Overall, ‘Three Siblings Bravely’ depicts the struggles of a family and how they overcome challenges together. The final episode of three Bold Siblings was a satisfying conclusion to the series as the three siblings were able to find happiness and reunite with their loved ones.

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