The Witch’s Game Episode 32 Recap & Summary

In The Witch’s Game Ep 32, Han Ji-wan revealed that she and Kim Kyu-sun changed the past.

In the MBC daily drama ‘Witch’s Game’, which aired on the 8th, the adversity of Jung Hye-soo (Kim Kyu-seon) unfolded when she found out that she was Seol Yoo-gyeong’s (Jang Seo-hee) biological daughter. Jung Hye-soo found out that Seol Yoo-gyeong was her parents and continued her prison life in shock.

Seol Yoo-gyeong visits Jung Hye-soo, but Jeong Hye-soo shows a cold attitude. Then she asked Jung Hye-soo, “Did she see the genetic test results?”In response, Seol Yoo-gyeong showed her test results and said, “You are not my biological daughter. But you are still like a daughter.”

Following this, Jung Hye-soo read the news of Kang Ji-ho and Joo Se-yeong’s marriage through the newspaper, and she shed tears and wrote a letter to her daughter Kang Han-byeol.

Meanwhile, Yoo In-ha, who had been in an accident, woke up. She was diagnosed with short-term memory loss. As soon as Ma Hyeon-deok woke up, she said, “The person who made you like this is Jung Hye-soo” under the incentive to find Jung Hye-soo.

Then, Yoo In-ha told Seol Yoo-kyung and Joo Beom-seok, “Jeong Hye-soo did that” and “Jeong Hye-soo is in prison for your attempted murder.” Afterwards, Joo Se-young visited Jung Hye-soo, who was in prison. She said, “I knew she was shameless, but how did she get here? How can you look at her face. She’s a thief.”

In response, Joo Se-young said, “That is also a skill and skill,” and said, “You were the one who lost your life like an idiot when you were 12. I was drunk with people’s praise, so I didn’t know what you were losing.”To the question, “Did you know in advance then?” Joo Se-young replied, “Yes. I knew in advance and said that I would go for adoption instead of you. I took my happiness into my own hands. If I want it, I have to take it away.”

Then she added to Jeong Hye-soo, “My mother knows that you are her own daughter. But she sent you to prison for me. Look who is the poor person.” Meanwhile, she can’t believe that Jeong Hye-soo, who lures her, tried to harm her, so she goes looking for Kang Ji-ho.

Kang Ji-ho firmly replied, “My daughter’s mother is innocent, but she doesn’t make an attempted murderer. If you don’t believe me, go ask Jeong Hye-soo.”

In the end, she finds Jung Hye-soo, who lures her in, and tells her, “I can’t remember. It’s amnesia. The memory has to come back. Only then can I know who tried to hurt me.” She shouted, “Are you the one who tried to harm me?”, making her wonder about her future.

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