The Veils Of 6 Members Of ‘HYBE’s First Girl Group Le Sserafim’ Have Finally Been Lifted

The veil has finally been lifted by the girl group Le Seraphim, who will be introduced for the first time in HYBE.

What is the meaning of “LE SSERAFIM” / Le Seraphim

The first girl group to be established in collaboration with HYBE and Source Music, Le Seraphim, is expected to debut in May. “Le Seraphim” / “LE SSERAFIM” is an acronym for ‘IM FEARLESS,’ which encompasses the self-assurance and strong determination to move forward without being swayed by the gaze of the outside world.

The six members of Le Seraphim were revealed one by one, beginning with Sakura on the 4th, and the attention of worldwide K-pop fans was focused on the arrival of a new rookie united with magnificent visuals and imposing appeal. Sakura’s video has already received over 3 million views, demonstrating her international appeal even before her debut.

Who are the members of Le Sserafim?

The 6 Members Of Le Seraphim (le seraphim members) (“LE SSERAFIM” MEMBERS)

  1. Sakura– Sakura is Japanese, and is a member of the I*Zone.
  2. Kim Chae Won– She was a member of the lZ*ONE and the group’s leader.
  3. Heo Jun Jin– Yunjin is a Produce 48 member that is half Korean and half American.
  4. Ga-ram Kim– Kim Garam was the second member of Le Sserafim
  5. Eun-Chae Hong– Hong Eunchae is the youngest member of “LE SSERAFIM”
  6. Kazuha– Kazuha was born in Japan and raised in the Netherlands.
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Sakura and Kim Chae-won, who were well-liked while operating as IZone, caught the attention in the teaser video and photographs with their entirely contrasting visuals. Kim Chae-won, the leader of Le Seraphim, took on a black short-haired haircut that exuded a free-spirited and daring charm. Heo Yun-jin, who rose to prominence thanks to Mnet’s ‘Produce 48,’ had a more mature appearance.

In addition, the fresh faces Ga-ram Kim, Eun-Chae Hong, and Kazuha became popular subjects very immediately after their debut. Kim Garam, who was born in 2005, stands 170 cm tall and possesses unequalled athletic abilities. Her clear features and clear and beautiful visuals grab attention. Eun-Chae Hong, the youngest member of her squad, was born in 2006, and her frank, confident, yet funny and effervescent demeanour announced her numerous attractions. Kazuha has a unique history of learning ballet in the Netherlands, which has raised hopes for a one-of-a-kind performance.

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Furthermore, the project “The First Moment of LE SSERAFIM,” which commemorates the ‘first encounter’ between members and fans, is gaining a lot of traction. Fans have responded well to the ability to build and maintain a ‘Digital SouvenirTM’ by combining photographs, texts, and audio information originally posted on the project site in any way they see fit.

Lesserafim’s debut album is projected to be very complete under great support, as it is Hive’s first girl group. Hive Chairman Bang Shi-hyuk is in charge of producing the debut album and enhancing BTS’ visuals. He has been authoring the best success stories in the K-pop market by elevating BTS to the ranks of world-class artists, succeeding TXT and N-Hyphen in succession. All of Le Seraphim’s visual content was planned by creative director Kim Seong-Hyeon.

Ga-ram Kim, Eun-chae Hong


LESSERAFIM is expected to debut in May 2022.

Hybe and its label, Source Music, which leads the worldwide music industry, intend to fully support Le Seraphim by using their existing production and production skills. It is slanting Finally, Le Seraphim, who has finally removed all six members’ veils, has gathered to shake up the global music market with what kind of music and content they will release.

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