The Story Of Lee Joon & Kang Han Na ‘Josean Version Of Romeo Juliet’ In Bloody Heart So Far

Bloody Heart” is drawing notice for its outstanding performances by actors who have sensuous visual beauty, dynamic development, and excellent acting talents. The romance between Lee Joon (Lee Tae) and Kang Han Na (Yoo Jung), who are depicting the passionate fate of the ‘Wei Couple,’ doubles the vagueness of the romance, so here are the narratives of the two people who have a deep impact on viewers’ hearts.

The Story Of The Couple So Far

#1. Meeting After 7 years as adults, Lee Tae and Yoo Jeong

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Bloody Heart , KBS

The audience was moved to tears by the separation of Lee Tae, who had lost his mother, and Yoo-Jeong, who had lost her family. Lee Tae, who grew up and met Yoo Jung at Daegwangtonggyo, was one of them, and his monologue, “Thank you for being alive, my love who has fallen because of me,” struck a chord. The viewers’ hearts flutter as they see the two people facing each other with their beautiful smiles.

On the other side, the presence of Yoo-Jeong, who uses a hapjuk line to express her affections for Lee-tae, sparked an interest. On a full moon day, the two met again, and the scene when Yoo-Jeong kisses Lee-Tae’s cheek pushed the romantic index to its highest level.

#2. Lee Tae and Yoo Jung’s Heartbreak Again

Lee Tae and Yoo Jung’s joyful days were fleeting, and their romance was in peril. She admitted to him that she wanted to marry him, but he refused. Lee Tae explained that he needed to marry someone else in order to carry out the long-awaited plan, and Yoo Jung’s confusion was heartbreaking.

Park Gye-won, who had spotted Lee Tae’s gap, drew attention as well. With Park Gye- won’s plot in place, Lee Tae and Yoo-Jung’s magnificent two-shot in the middle of a low-key street added to the play’s suspense. Yoo-Jeong, who was walking towards Lee-tae, noticed his worried expression and moved on. Who got away with his casual clothing and encountered Yoo Jung. Lee Tae’s emotional squabble, who got away with his casual clothes and met Yoo Jung separately, devoured the small screen.


#3. The revelation of Lee Tae’s real identity

Yoo-jung, who later became Park A-ok, Park Gye-won’s niece, was drawn in episode 4. Lee Tae, who was ignorant of this, was concerned about her not appearing without a message on full moon day. He realises that she was in danger. For a brief period, Lee Tae saw Yoo Jung among her companions who were attempting to capture him in the midst of the battle and dashed towards her.

Yoo-jeong, who was adopted as Park Gye- won’s niece. Lee Tae gave her a suspicious smile and made the audience anxious by going to Park Gye- won’s niece’s house, where she didn’t even want to see his face. “The fruit is here.” Let’s look at her face and see where she is.” Lee Tae, who had been yanking Yu-Jeong’s arm, couldn’t finish his sentence when he saw her face. Yoo-Jeong also discovered that her scholar, whom she had met, was the king, and the two of them exchanged confused looks.

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