The Law Cafe Review- A Refreshing and Soothing Drama of 2022

The Law Cafe” won the hearts of the audience from its very first episode which premiered on the 5th of September.

According to the Nielson Korea, the premiere of the new Monday–Tuesday KBS drama “Love by the Law/ The Law Cafe” recorded ratings of 9.2%, 7.4% in the metropolitan region, and 2.0% in the metropolitan area.

Kim Jeong-ho (Lee Seung-gi), a former prosecutor who was only sporting a sweatshirt, and Kim Yu-ri (Lee Se-young), a four-dimensional lawyer with an unique fashion philosophy, were introduced and drew viewers’ attention in the first episode of “Love According to the Law.”

It was particularly disclosed that Kim Jung-ho and Kim Yu-ri had known each other for 17 years, beginning in high school they started dating, and had dated briefly in college but eventually broke up.

Kim Yu-ri, who left the big law firm Hwang & Goo to open a legal advice cafe called The Law Cafe, liked the first floor of Kim Jung-ho’s building, but she was surprised to hear that Kim Jung-ho was the owner when they met for the official contract. Upon learning that the tenant was Kim Yu-ri, Kim Jung-ho made the shocking announcement that he would break lease.

Writer Lim Lim-jeong with strong writing skills unravelled the original web novel by Noh Seung-ah, whose work garnered more than 25 million views for “Love According to the Law,” which had vivid perspectives and fascinating episodes. The straightforward give-and-take lines of Ping-Pong were doubled in intensity and humour by the contemporary Kim Jung-ho and Kim Yu-ri, and their lines in high school sparked vague emotions with their freshness.

Aside from that, lines like, “Let’s date,” Let’s get together, shall we? The interview line sharing each other’s thoughts without knowing one other’s feelings after reunion revealed a polarised tone, producing a subtle environment, as did the confession line asking each other to ask each other with a heart-fluttering eagerness.

Kim Jung-ho, featured swimming brightly on the rooftop, wore a sweatshirt at an angle, indicating that he is a strange person. Here, it proved to be a visual in the moment when they pointed out each other’s clothing at the real estate, the scene where they threw out the contract, the scene where they came after drinking, and the last scene.

The chemistry between Lee Seung-gi, known as the “emperor of melodrama,” and Lee Se-young, who provided a new route for the “roco heroine,” erupted from the first episode. With their flawless performance, the two gave a three-dimensional portrayal of Kim Jung-ho and Kim Yu-ri, who are linked by melodrama, humour, humanism, and a sense of justice.

The two changed into a “fashion maniac” and a “fashion idiot,” and their outer appearance left a lasting impression. The two, who gave each individual character a touch of humanity, accurately captured the complicated and nuanced inner lives of Kim Jung-ho and Kim Yu-ri over the course of their back story, and it is predicted that they might once more reinvent their own identities.

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