The Law Cafe Episode 4 Recap: Kim Yuri & Kim Jung Ho’s First Kiss

In “The Law Cafe Ep 4,” Kim Yuri (Lee Se-young) was confused by the friendly Kim Young Ho (Lee Seung-gi), they kissed in surprise.

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The Law Cafe Kdrama Episode 4

Kim Jung-ho (Lee Seung-gi) and Kim Yu-ri (Lee Se-young) moved in together. Despite how much I despise them, your parents are your parents, Kim Yu-ri said to Kim Jung-ho, who is sensitive to his family’s story: “I don’t know what happened with your father when you quit being a prosecutor.” I don’t even know, Kim Yu-ri answered in a stern manner.

Kim Yu-ri replied, “Hey, you really didn’t talk,” and brushed against the table in front of Kim Jung-ho as if saddened by Kim Jung-ho’s tone. If you try to be kind to me in crisis, you will regret it greatly, Kim Yu-ri struggled and said, “Let go.”

“Why do you keep hugging the princess? What are you doing?” Kim Jeong-ho treated Kim Yu-ri’s toenails, saying, “You broke your toenails and did a good job.” Kim Jung-ho asked, “What if I act kindly? “, with a playful face. After shaking off Kim Jung-ho, Yuri sat down on a bed. Yu-ri thought of Kim Jung Ho.

Kim Yu-ri was concerned about Kim Jung-ho, who was busy with his work. Kim Yu-ri rushed over to hug Kim Jung-ho. Kim Yu-ri held Kim Jung-ho in her arms and whispered, “Let’s just stay like this for a minute.” Kim Yu-ri worriedly asked Kim Jung-ho, “Did I trouble you this time so you don’t be unhappy?” Kim Jung-ho was perplexed and asked, “Why are you?” You can always bother with this kind of thing, Kim Jeong-ho remarked as he patted Kim Yu-ri.

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The Law Cafe Ep 4 Recap

Kim Jung-ho shocked as Kim Yu-ri remarked, “I want to kiss you,” adding, “Hey Kim Yu-ri, you and I were talking. It’s like a Brother and Sister family.” Kim Yu-ri cut him off and kissed him.

I don’t want to be like family with you, she said, “I’ll do something different.” That’s all I can say, I simply want to do that, Kim Jeong-ho interrupted her, but Kim Yu-ri stopped him by kissing Kim Jung-ho once more. Kim Jung-ho made an attempt to stop Kim Yu-ri, but he gave her a kiss.

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