The Law Cafe Episode 3 Recap & Summary

In The Law Cafe Ep 3, Kim Yuri decided to sue Dohan Construction, so she persuaded her neighbours to file a lawsuit but Jungho intervened and provoked the clients not to file a lawsuit as it would only cost then more money and time rather than the compensation they would get in return if they will the case.

But some residents decided to file a lawsuit and arrived at the cafe one by one. Even if their action causes a decline in housing prices, they claim they still want justice. Yuri went to Jung-ho (Lee Seung-gi) and asked for assistance after becoming more assured due to the residents’ willing involvement.

To Yuri, who boldly requests assistance, Jeong-ho reveals an excellent plan to influence Dohan Construction: “Don’t only criticise, come up with other suggestions to address this problem.”

Dohan Construction was set to check the construction of Palacio Hills, a residential complex. Dohan Construction was employing a luxury strategy and intended to connect this property to the Palacio Hotel in the future. Jeong-ho insisted that Palacio Hills be brought in to catch their attention since he believed Dohan Construction would hate the commotion that construction-related concerns would make at this time.

Together with the Law cafe employees and Yuri’s client, who had performed music, Jungho and Yuri created a band. They had a concert in different-different apartments constructed by Dohan E&C, recorded a video of it, uploaded it to the Internet, and showed that they could easily hear each other’s music while being apart.

Dohan Construction’s attention was drawn to the video by the hundreds of thousands of views it received in a matter of days, and Yuri and Jeongho met with Dohan Construction’s legal counsel as a result. Yuri delivered a complaint about the noise between floors in the blue apartment. If you lose this, other apartments will file lawsuits, but how much is that?

Due to Jung-ho’s excellent speech and Yuri’s audacious demeanour, the legal team called an urgent meeting and offered 8 million won in compensation for each blue apartment. Yuri and Jung-ho rejoiced as they reached an agreement without tedious litigation.

At the end of The Law Cafe Ep 3, they celebrated their law cafe’s first success outside Yuri’s cafe, where a drunk Kim Yuri confessed her feelings to Jung-ho, stating she wants him to join her law cafe as a partner.

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