The Law Cafe Episode 2 Recap – Kim Yuri’s First Client

In The Law Cafe Episode 2, Kim Yuri accepted rules and regulations made by Jungho in order to start her law cafe in his building. Jungho was shocked when Kim Yuri handed over the signed contract to him. 

Kim Yuri successfully launched her law cafe on the first floor of Jungho’s building. She also hired a barista who was once a prisoner whom she had known from before and a law student who came to apply for a part-time job at her law cafe. Jungho tried to let them quit, but he couldn’t. 

On the opening day of the Law Cafe, some neighbours came to visit Yuri’s cafe, and Dr. Park presented Yuri with some flowers, seeing that Jungho felt jealous and started to feel stomach pain. During the night, Yuri had been hearing some weird noises, so she went to Dr. Park’s clinic to clarify but couldn’t know where those noises were coming from.

A man in the clinic listened to their talk and followed Yuri to her cafe. Yuri was startled to see him standing like a ghost in front of her, so she shouted. After listening to Yuri’s shout, Jungho rushed in and captured the man and started to fight with him. 

Later, Yuri recognised the man from the clinic and stopped their fight. The man explained that he came to seek legal advice regarding the noises he heard in his apartment. She advised him to file a lawsuit claiming damages, to which he replied that they would not listen and would let it go.

As Jungho was experiencing stomach pain, Yuri asked the man to come the next day. The next day, Yuri visited the man’s house and examined the messy condition of his house and his frustration with the noise. Yuri, Dr. Park, and Jung Ho again went to clarify things.

After returning from there, Jungho told Yuri that she should take this case as the guy himself is mantling. Jungho also told Dr. Park to stay away from Yuri. Yuri carried on the investigation on her own and came to the conclusion that the whole fault was with the apartment construction company. 

At the end of The Law Cafe Eo 2, Jung Ho received a call from Park stating that the man was committing suicide by falling from the roof of his building. Jungho rushed to save him and also called Yuri and told her about him. Jungho somehow managed to convince the man not to jump and assured him that he knew who was the culprit and they would surely find him.

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