The Law Cafe Episode 1 Recap & Summary

In The Law Cafe Ep 1 after seeing Kim Yuri (Lee Se-young) again, Kim Jung Ho (Lee Seung-gi) confessed his feelings. Kim Yuri also showed her final trial to Kim Jung-Ho.

Ep 1 of The Law Cafe started with Kim Yuri attending the trial with her own instincts in weird cloths and in a unprofessional way. Kim Yuri is a righteous lawyer who always defends the weak. Because of her behaviour in the courtroom she was compelled to resign from the law firm she was working for.

After resignation she decided to open a law cafe and started searching for a place. She met the broker and finalised the place to open her law cafe unknowingly the building that she was about to rent belong to Kim Jung-Ho, his ex-boyfriend. When Kim Jung Ho learned that Kim Yuri is the one who was going to rent his building, he refused to rent her. So Kim Yuri filed a lawsuit against him.

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The Law Cafe drama Ep 1

Kim Yu-ri knowingly left trial-related paperwork into the house of her ex boyfriend, Kim Jung Ho, who was a prosecutor. She called him stating she was in urgent need of the papers as her trial was about to begin. Listening to this, Jung-Ho rushed to deliver the papers but after reaching there he found that Kim Yuri arranged a witness himself. Yuri pleaded Jung-Ho to watch the trial.

After the trial, Kim Jeong-ho asked Kim Yu-ri, “You need to explain something,” to which Kim Yu-ri replied, “I know, so you wouldn’t want to see me on the first floor of your house talking about legal advice or anything else. Kim Jung-ho moaned, “Why did you call me up to here,” to which Kim Yu-ri skilfully replied, “I won’t bother you. If you sign a contract, I won’t be seen, and I’ll sell coffee and offer advise very softly like a mouse is dead.”

Kim Yu-ri, I’ve known you for 17 years, but you can’t be seen, like a dead mouse,” yelled Kim Jung-ho. Kim Yu-ri responded by saying, let’s set rules and regulations as we both practice law.

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The Law Cafe Episode 1 Recap, KBS

As she read the meticulously drafted contract Kim Jung-ho had created, Kim Yu-ri was furious. Article 2, Paragraph 1: “B should refrain from using the trails, parks, and supermarkets that A usually uses, and collaborate faithfully so that A’s life is the same as before,” Kim Yu-ri read from the document.Then, “Paragraph 3 (1). When you meet inside the building, B cannot speak to A unless N have an appointment with A and meet there, and B will text you first if you have a business? Are you kidding me, huh? “.

Medical situations related to crimes and natural disasters are an exception, Kim Jung-ho said with competence. Next, the contract “Paragraph 112. B must get A’s agreement before holding any events larger than 30 individuals for purposes unrelated to running the cafe.” After reading the contract, Yuri engraged and thrown away the contract.

In the end of The Law Cafe Ep 1, Kim Yu-ri realised “from the beginning, he has been that way. He’s a crazy guy. And Kim Jung-ho wondered, ” to ‘Why are you doing this? I like her, that is why.”

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