The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 1 Recap

The backstories of the major characters Ahn Dae-seong (Lee Kwang-soo) and Han Myung-sook (Jin Hee-kyung) were depicted in ‘The Killers Shopping List Ep 1′ .

In ‘ The Killer’s Shopping List Ep 1’, Dae Seong was able to recognise counterfeit banknotes from customers at Han Myung Sook mother’s grocery when he was a child. Han Myeong-sook was able to apprehend a suspicious customer who was full of her counterfeit 5,000 won bills thanks to her son.

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The counterfeiter, on the other hand, tried to scare Han Myung-sook by saying, “Even if you have cancer and are in third grade, you must be careful what you say. What a cruel society we live in these days.” Daesung quickly closed his super shutter and dashed to the police station.

Meanwhile, Han Myung-sook had managed to apprehend the criminal. He used to play handball. The culprit was eventually apprehended and transported to the police station. However, as he was being taken away, the criminal said to Daesung, “See you again.”

For this work, Han Myeong-sook received the Brave Citizen Award, and Daesung Super became the pride of Now Dong.

Daesung Super became Daesung Mart a few years later. Daesung came upon a warning note in the box of Choco Pie, coupled with a 5,000 won bill that said, ‘You must return.’

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Daesung paid a visit to his 20-year lover Ah-hee’s house, and in response to A-hee’s father’s question, “”I don’t do anything,” he said when asked what he was doing to these days. I don’t have any future plans.””Most of the time, dad is resting in a spot like this at home,” he said responding to, “What is your father doing?” “My mum runs a small shop,” he added, and he was eventually beaten.

“I imagined that I would be able to leave you this way,” Daesung, who was eventually forced out of the house, told Ahhee, “and I failed again.” “You don’t think I’m seeing you because you think I’m going to become a public servant,” Ah-hee yelled, “How much will the mart’s building cost if you gain permission to reconstruct the flats here?”

Daesung, on the other hand, dropped out of the gosiwon after failing the civil service exam. He also returned his attention to the high school kid who was holding him and said, “I was sufficient. You keep your grip on the situation.

“Daesung was thrown out of his house, not in it, after he returned to the mart. “How do people buy here?” Daesung inquired. “Then get me a job (at the grocery),” she says. “It was originally done for free,” Myung-sook replied, and Dae-sung stated, “I want a salary today.

“The next day, Daesung began working at his mother’s market as an employee. “I’m sending you because I love you,” Ah-hee, who later became her neighbourhood cop, told Dae-seong, who was crying, belatedly. Ahee fought back her laughs as Daesung softly expressed his concerns over the vegetable price tag.

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The Muderer’s Shopping List Ep 1

“My father threatened if he sees him again, he will murder him,” Ah-hee explained. “I must have been insane yesterday,” Daesung said, and Ahhee responded, “I must have been crazy for 20 years.”

Ahee then added, “I became a member of marriage bureau. I’m going to meet another guy.” ‘Ah-hee,’ remarked “I believe it is unjust. In my life, I’ve only had one boyfriend. I’ll meet a boyfriend that I’ll be able to confidently introduce to my father “and walked away.

Meanwhile, Daesung began to realise the gravity of the problem when there were numerous instances of mimicking market delivery and delivering incorrect deliveries. Daesung, who was always trying to distribute evening flyers and fell asleep.

At the end of ‘the killer’s shopping list’ ep 1, Daesung accidently discovers the dead body of a toddler in the apartment complex. A bag of Choco Pie was next to it. “Says Daesung,” he says “Choco Pie is back. Choco Pie is the food that I despise the most, marking the full-scale growth of The Killer’s Shopping List.

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