The Killer’s Shopping List Ending Explained: A Happy Ending

The ending of ‘The Killer’s Shopping List‘ is a happy ending.

Ahn Dae-seong tried to save Seo-yul in the final episode of drama ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’.

In The Killer’s Shopping Episode 8, Seo Cheon-gyu attacked Ahn Dae-seong and detective Seo Ji-woong in his real estate, then returned home with his daughter Seo Yul. Seo Yul gazed at Seo Chun-gyu as she prepared to flee, and she approached the strange refrigerator in her living room.

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Seo Cheon-gyu had previously attacked her daughter-in-law after she opened the refrigerator door. Seo-yul was taken aback when she opened her refrigerator door. Oh Won Won’s body was discovered in the refrigerator. “You know this man?” Seo Chun-gyu remarked as he shut the refrigerator door, terrifying Seo-yul.

Oh Won-won suspected Seo Cheon-gyu of putting the women’s president in jeopardy and made a proposal. If Seo Cheon-gyu only provides a home for herself, she will place the evidence that Seo Cheon-gyu is the perpetrator on top of it and place Ahn Dae-sung on top of it. Seo Cheon-gyu, on the other hand, killed 5,000 Won with evidence.

Seo Chun-gyu, who was terrified, stated to Seo-yul, “That individual was held accountable. He noticed things he shouldn’t have.” “Do you know who the other person was punished for?” questioned Seo Cheon-gyu. Seo-yul became enraged and yelled. Seo Cheon-gyu quickly silenced Seo-yul and walked out the door with his luggage.

He walked to the apartment where five thousand won kept. Seo Yul discreetly sent an SOS to the mart through her phone when Seo Chun-gyu was thoughtless, and Seo Chun-gyu survived for several days with deliveries.

When Ahn Dae-seong saw the delivery order with the words ‘505,’ he immediately recognised it as a Seo-yul SOS signal. Seoyul had mentioned 505 instead of SOS earlier. An Dae-seong dashed to the lake, where Seo-yul and Seo Cheon-gyu were thought to be with the Marts.

When Seo Chun-gyu started to panic when it was noisy outside, Seo-yul took advantage of the opportunity to lock the door and flee to the veranda. Seo-yul was barely holding on to the outdoor unit of the air conditioner when Do Ah-hee arrived late and got on a line to save her.

Meanwhile, Oh Won and Seo-yul’s mother’s bodies were discovered in the refrigerator by Ahn Dae-seong. At that time, An Dae-seong found Seo Cheon-gyu, who was running away from a physical fight.

Seo Cheon-gyu was found by Han Myung-sook and Jeong-yuk. Ahn Dae-seong’s mother while travelling around the neighborhood, but soon tried to take Seo-yul from An Dae-seong by taking them hostage. However, Ahn Dae-seong recognised this and lured Seo Cheon-gyu to the mart, and Ahn Dae-seong closed all the mart doors and had a bloody battle with him in the dark mart. In the end, An Dae-seong succeeded in subduing Seo Cheon-gyu and arresting him.

“I simply hope that the person who came to the mart yesterday will come back today and tomorrow without any hassles,” Ahn Dae-seong told Seo Cheon-gyu. In reaction to the yelling of Seo Cheon-gyu,”What exactly are you up to? “, Do Ah-hee remarked, “What exactly is it? He is a person who is concerned about the death or injury of others, even though it is not his business. He is a child-centered individual.” Han Myeong-sook sobbed and hugged Ahn Dae-seong, saying, “Good job. Our kid, “at the heartfelt words of her son.

At the end of The Killer’s Shopping List, Ahn Dae-seong was made an honorary police officer for his role in catching Seo Cheon-gyu, and Do A-Hee’s father came to see him, were drawn. Doah-father hee’s said, “What is your dream?” with a pleasant face, indicating that the relationship between Doah-hee and Ahn Dae-sung was progressing.

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