The Interest of Love Episode 6 Recap

In “The Interest of Love Ep 6”, Yoo Yeon-Seok finds out that Moon Ga-young and Jung Ga-ram are dating.

In the JTBC drama ‘The Interest of Love, which aired on the 5th of Jan, Sang-soo Ha (played by Yoo Yeon-seok) found Soo-young Ahn (played by Ga-young Moon) and Jong-hyeon Jeong (played by Ga-ram Jeong) taking care of each other.

In the 6th episode, Park Mi-Kyung said to Ha Sang-soo, who was looking at Ahn Soo-young and Jeong Jong-hyun, “You didn’t know, did you? ” Keep pretending you didn’t know.” Ha Sang-soo asked, “Did you know?” Park Mi-Kyung said, “They said they’ve been dating for a while.” “Soo-young and Jong-hyun look so good together, don’t they?”

Park Mi-Kyung told Jung Jong-hyun, who took care of Ahn Soo-young, “I think you really like Soo-young.” I’m envious. “It’s a company relationship.” She looked at Ha Sang-soo. Ha Soo Sang-soo was upset and said that he had to clean up while drinking at a restaurant alone.

Prior to the police civil service exam, Ahn Soo-young invited Jeong Jong-hyun to her home. Jeong Jong-hyun gave flowers to Ahn Soo-young. While Jeong Jong-hyun was exploring her home, Ahn Soo-young remarked, “Come right away.” “The food is ready.” Jeong Jong-hyun ate the food that Ahn Soo-young had prepared after sitting down at his table and saying, “I will eat well.”

Jeong Jong-hyun thanked her, saying, “Well, it’s absolutely delicious.” Ahn Soo-young said, “Mr. Jong-hyun comforted me whenever I was having a hard time. Since it was an important exam, I wanted to do something for him.” Later, Ahn Soo-young contacted Jeong Jong-hyun at the end of the exam, but there was no news from him.

Jeong Jong-hyun contacted Ahn Soo-young only when it was late. Ahn Soo-young told Jung Jong-hyun, “Did you take a vacation? What’s going on? I’m worried.”

Afterward, she met Jeong Jong-hyun. Jeong Jong-hyun asked in a low voice, “Is Soo-young here?” Ahn Soo-young said, “What happened?” She was worried. Jeong Jong-hyun said, “You must have relaxed after taking the test.” “I’m not feeling well.” Ahn Soo-young said, “Oh, that’s right. I was very worried,” she said. Jeong Jong-hyun apologized, saying, “I’m sorry.”

Meanwhile, Jeong Jong-hyeon paused, saying he had something to say to Ahn Soo-Yeong. Jeong Jong-hyun said goodbye: “Sooyoung, I have something to tell you.” “Let’s break up.”

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