The Interest of Love Episode 12 Recap & Summary

In the JTBC drama ‘The Interest of Love Ep 12’, which aired on the 25th, Sang-soo Ha (played by Yoo Yeon-seok) told Park Mi-kyung (played by Sae-rok Keum) that they were breaking up.

In Interest of Love Ep 12, to Park Mi-kyung, who avoids her, Ha Sang-soo said, “Let’s talk. Stop the car over there. We have to talk today. There’s someone I like. It’s not you.” Park Mi-kyung vomited to her shock. Park Mi-kyung shouted, “It’s my birthday today. You said we’d talk about it later. Do you think I really don’t know? Do you think I really don’t know who the senior is giving his heart to right now?” she shouted. She continued, “I live with them. I live with Ahn Soo-young (Moon Ga-young) and Jeong Jong-hyun (Jung Ga-ram)”, revealing the fact of her cohabitation. Ha Sang-soo said, “I’m sorry. Let’s break up.”

Next, Park Mi-kyung was furious, saying, “What is Ahn Soo-young? What the hell is Ahn Soo-young to the senior?”, and Ha Sang-soo said firmly, “I have nothing to do with anyone else. My heart is the problem.” Park Mi-kyung said, “It’s a problem that happened when your heart went to Ahn Soo-young. Then why are you asking me to break up?” and asked, “Because your senior doesn’t love me anymore? Senior, don’t act like you’ve changed your mind and left. We’ve never been in love. Then it’s still the same. It can’t be a reason to break up. My senior promised me. I’ll try. I’ll start that effort again from now on.”

Afterwards, Park Mi-kyung’s mother, Yoon Mi-sun (played by Yoon Yoo-seon), called Ha Sang-soo and Park Mi-kyung and said, “I decided to get you guys married. However, Ha Sang-soo confessed, “I have something to tell you. I decided to break up with that Mi-kyung.” Park Mi-kyung couldn’t accept her breakup with Sang-soo Ha, and she said, “My dad was waiting for a call from a senior.” Sang-soo Ha said, “Don’t you know we can’t do it?” Then, she asked Park Mi-kyung, “Is it okay that Ahn Soo-young gets hurt? If she breaks up with me and meets Ahn Soo-yeong, do you think she won’t hurt Ahn Soo-yeong?” Ha Sang-soo asked back, “Then are you okay?” and Park Mi-kyung said, “Anything is better than breaking up.”

Afterwards, Ha Sang-soo called Ahn Soo-young and went to her house. Ahn Soo-young said, “Didn’t you come here because you have something to say?”, and Ha Sang-soo said, “I came because I just wanted to walk here.” Afterwards, the two met in front of the house and enjoyed a night walk, which was witnessed by Jeong Jong-hyun. The next day, Jeong Jong-hyun, who was leaving work with Ahn Soo-young, said to Ahn Soo-young, “Let’s go on a date tomorrow.” She asked, “Isn’t he just about to take the exam?”

In response, Jeong Jong-hyun explained, “I don’t think it will be possible for a while, so I’m going to do it in advance,” and Jeong Jong-hyun held Ahn Soo-young’s hand and walked. Ahn Soo-young, who arrived in front of the house, took the lead, saying, “Let’s go in,” and Jeong Jong-hyun followed.

Afterwards, Park Mi-kyung, who appeared at the bank, called Ahn Soo-young. Park Mi-kyung confessed, “I came to apologize. Soo-young noticed that you live with Jong-hyeon, she noticed when I went home the other day, and I told Sang-soo sunbaenim about it.” She continued, “I know why I did it. But it’s personal, and I’m sorry I used it like a weapon. I tried to hate it more. I hated it a little,” she said.

To this, Ahn Soo-young replied, “It’s okay. Even if you hate it. Because that makes me feel comfortable.” In response, Park Mi-kyung said, “So don’t be comfortable. Even if it’s because I’m uncomfortable with my liking for you. Even because of that. Hesitate more. Make you uncomfortable. I will continue to like you.

“Ha Sang-soo headed to the sea in Tongyeong to meet Ahn Soo-young, who had taken a sudden vacation. When Ahn Soo-young built her sandcastle, Ha Sang-soo said, “You made it well.” In response, Ahn Soo-young said, “I’ve made a lot since I was young. Sand is free. Do you know what I, who loved to build sandcastles, realized? That someday it will collapse. Even knowing this, I made it with great effort and was anxious all night.” Then, Ahn Soo-young said, “So I broke it down with my own hands. Then it’s comfortable,” and she tried to destroy the sand castle.

Ha Sang-soo stopped Ahn Soo-yeong and said, “It may not be. It may remain for a long time without collapsing,” suggesting a relationship between the two. To this, Ahn Soo-young replied, “I think it’s changed. Thank you.” Later, while Ha Sang-su went to buy a drink, Ahn Soo-young left him.

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