The Interest of Love Episode 1 Recap & Summary

In The Interest of Love Ep 1, Yoo Yeon-seok confessed to Moon Ga-young. In the new JTBC drama ‘The Interest of Love, which was first broadcast on the 21st, Ha Sang-soo (played by Yoo Yeon-seok) was depressed by Ahn Soo-young’s (played by Moon Ga-young) cold attitude.

On this day, Ha Sang-soo delivered a VIP customer’s card on behalf of busy Ahn Soo-young. At that time, her guest of honor was enraged at the product presented by Ahn Soo-yeong, tore her paper and tried to throw it in her face. Ha Sang-soo protected Ahn Soo-yeong.

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The Interest of Love kdrama ep 1

Afterwards, it was confirmed that the VIP customer’s card was reversed with the regular customer’s, and Vice Manager Noh Tae-pyeong (Lee Hwa-ryong) was furious. Roh Tae-pyeong pressed Ha Sang-su on the shoulder and shouted, “How can you make such a mistake?” Ahn Soo-young, who watched this, said, “I was busy, so I asked Chief Ha Sang-soo instead.” In response, Noh Tae-pyeong urged Ha Sang-soo and Ahn Soo-young, saying, “Go to Jeju Island,” and the two headed to the place where the VIP customers were.

Throughout the trip to Jeju Island, Ha Sang-soo showed delicacy in secretly taking care of Ahn Soo-young. Ahn Soo-young said, “I’ve been to Jeju Island with Mr. Ha. I’m so sorry. Because of me,” he said. Ha Sang-soo responded, “No. I made a mistake. What. I am sorry,” he apologized. Ahn Soo-young smiled and said, “I remember the old days. When Chief Ha first came”. She mentioned the situation in which she taught Ha Sang-su, who was on his first day at the Yeongpo branch. In response, Ha Sang-soo said, “Ahn Soo-yeong was the goddess of the Yeongpo store when he first came as a trainee.

On the first day of work, he made the mistake of withdrawing the customer’s money in front of the goddess.” Upon arriving in Jeju Island, the two delivered the card to the VIP customer safely. Later, when Ahn Soo-young took pictures, Ha Sang-soo said, “There must be something to send. She seems to be filming hard, so she send to her boyfriend.” Ahn Soo-young said, “No. boy friend. I just filmed it because it was pretty,” Ha Sang-soo secretly laughed behind her.

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The Interest of Love Episode 1

Later, Ha Sang-soo checked Ahn Soo-young’s profile picture at a drinking party with his colleagues. He said, ‘Is this a picture I took in Jeju Island? What? What do you mean? Do you want to see me?’ I thought to myself. Ha Sang-soo then sent a message to Ahn Soo-young, saying, “Thank you for coming to Jeju Island with me.” However, when there was no answer from Ahn Soo-young, Ha Sang-soo regretted, saying, “Did I send it for nothing?”

At that moment, Ahn Soo-young’s answer came, “Thanks to you, I was also able to enjoy the wind,” and Ha Sang-soo couldn’t hide his joy. The next day, Ha Sang-soo handed out flyers with Ahn Soo-young and asked, “What are you doing on the weekend?” Ahn Soo-young asked, “What is Chief Ha doing?”, and Ha Sang-su said, “I want to meet Chief Ahn this weekend. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything. We’ve been working together for a long time, but we’ve never had a meal together, and I’m grateful that we went to Jeju Island together.”

Ahn Soo-young laughed and said, “Yes. It’s good,” she replied. So, the two of them went on a date. Ha Sang-soo asked, “I was wondering if I could see it again, wouldn’t it be nice to see it again?” In response, Ahn Soo-young replied, “I don’t like ambiguous relationships,” and Ha Sang-soo said, “I also like certain things. neat thing. see you again next week Monday is crazy, so how about Tuesday? have dinner together I’ll buy something delicious. I made a second appointment, saying, “I’m sure.”

However, on the day of the appointment, Ha Sang-su could not get off work on time and worked overtime. Even the cell phone broke down and hit Ahn Soo-young. The next day, Ha Sang-soo said, “Yesterday. My phone broke because of the tense, so I’m sorry I couldn’t go. Ahn Soo-young ignored it before he was finished.

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The Interest of Love Korean Drama Ep 1

Meanwhile, the male employees gossiped about Ahn Soo-young and suspected that Ahn Soo-young and Jung Jong-hyeon (Jung Ga-ram) were dating. Afterwards, Lee Gu-il (played by Park Hyeong-soo) got drunk at a dinner party and eventually asked Ahn Soo-yeon and Jeong Jong-hyeon for dating. The two said no, but still didn’t believe it, and the atmosphere ended with an awkward atmosphere.

Ha Sang-soo followed and comforted Ahn Soo-yeong, but Ahn Soo-young said, “I’m more annoyed at pretending to be someone else by myself. If I was there with other people, I would just stay still like everyone else.” Then Ha Sang-soo said, “I like you. I am sincere,” he confessed.

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