The Heavenly Idol Episode 9 Recap & Summary

In ‘The Heavenly Idol Ep 9′ on tvN, which aired on the 15th, Kim Dal (played by Go Bo-gyeol) was falsely accused of manipulating dating rumors and decided to quit her manager job.

During The Heavenly Idol Ep 9, Kim Dal expressed her feelings towards someone and stated that she didn’t believe it was due to magic, rather that the person genuinely liked her. Kim Dal was later involved in dating rumors with Lambree, causing hee to quit her job. The Lisley incident, which was connected to the article about Kim Dal’s dating rumor fabrication, was also reported.

Kim Dal called Lambree and informed him that all dating rumors would be resolved after that day. He requested that he continue with their follow-up song activities, stating that he needed to work hard to win the Singer Award and return to the world he once knew. After Wild Animal became popular by running backwards on the charts, Lambree went to Kim Dal’s house and tried to convince hee to come back.

However, Kim Dal refused, saying that she only induced dating rumors and confessed hee feelings, but was turned down because they didn’t want to work together if it made them uncomfortable.

Kim Dal was confused when Lambree said that the moon needed him by their side for safety, and Lambree explained that the devil had targeted him before and it could happen again. Lambree would rather be dangerous alone, as he didn’t want to make any more mistakes and risk Kim Dal’s safety. Despite their mixed messages, Lambree ultimately asked Kim Dal to leave and not come back

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