The Heavenly Idol Episode 8 Recap & Summary

In The Heavenly Idol Ep 8, Kim Dal, played by Go Bo-gyeol, revealed her true feelings to Lambrary, played by Kim Min-gyu.

In The Heavenly Idol Ep 8, Lambrerie had to prepare for a date before appearing on a variety show and asked Kim Dal for help. However, Kim Dal was not in the mood to assist and complained, stating that a priest shouldn’t date in the first place.

Since Kim Dal was under the influence of black magic, she could speak hee mind honestly, and this allowed her to confess her feelings for Lambrary. She expressed that Lambrery had taken care of her, saved hee life, and risked his own life for her, and it was natural for her to develop feelings for him.

Lambrery, however, tried to clarify the situation and drew the line, stating that they shouldn’t confuse each other. He questioned Kim Dal about her true intentions and reminded her that she had said she had no feelings or thoughts the other day. Kim Dal then revealed that she hoped Lambrery would stay with hee and not go back. But Lambrery was skeptical, asking what she would do if he stayed, and how the moon would fare if he did.

During the episode, Lambrery visited Liz Lee and recorded a voice message saying that he had forgiven Kim Dal. When Kim Dal listened to the recording, she denied it and poured out negative words, saying that it might not be true. Lambrery consoled her and reminded her that Liz Lee’s wounds were not her fault entirely. Kim Dal shed tears, stating that she couldn’t like herself because of what happened to Liz Lee. Lambrery expressed his affection and reminded Kim Dal that he also cared about Liz Lee’s wellbeing.

At the end of The Heavenly Idol Ep 8, Lambrery kissed Kim Dal’s forehead and used divine power, which made him believe that it was not because of magic that she liked him.

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