The Heavenly Idol Episode 4 Recap & Summary

In The Heavenly Idol Ep 4, Kim Min-kyu comforted Go Bo-gyeol. In the 4th episode of tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The Heavenly Idol’, which aired on the 23rd of Feb Wild Animal’s manager Dal Kim (Go Bo-gyeol) met with a reporter to solve the scandal involving member Cathy (Jae-hyun Choi).

In The Heavenly Idol Ep 4, Kim Dal used the reporter to find out the informant. Lambrary (Kim Min-kyu), who lives the life of a mangdol Woo Woo-woo, blindfolded the reporter and shook him dizzy to help Kim Dal. After finding out the informant, Woo Woo Woo (Lambrary) ran away with Kim Dal. Woo Yeon-woo (Lambrary) hid Kim Dal in his arms. Asked, Are you okay?” Kim Dal worried, “It’s okay, but how did you know this place? They told me not to come.”

Woo Yeon-woo (Lambrary) worried, “I have a knack for following. What did he say? His face doesn’t look good.” Woo Yeon-woo (Lambrary) put his hand on Kim Dal’s head. Kim Dal asked, “What are you doing?” and Woo Woo Woo (Lambree) comforted her, saying, “I wonder if it will get better if I do this.” Kim Dal said, “Lambrerie is friendly,” and surprised Woo Woo Woo (Lambrerie) said, “Dal manager, are you calling me by my name?” Kim Dal said, “I think there is a need to differentiate. Because it’s Lambrary, so you come to comfort me like this? I can’t even reach the comfort of others, but it’s amazing that only Woo Yeon-woo and Lambrery are comforting.”

Woo Yeon-woo (Lambrery) asked, “Have you ever seen Woo Yeon-woo, manager Dah sad?” Kim Dal confessed, “I recognized it. I am very sad. That’s why I became a fan.”Woo Yeon-woo (Lambrery) stroked Kim Dal’s head, saying, “Isn’t it because she loves him? It must have been difficult for manager Heo Myeon-dal because no one knew that it was difficult until now.” She continued, “Don’t ask me why I’m sad. When the sad day comes again, I’ll visit you then. Just like today,” he conveyed his heart fluttering consolation

On the other hand, Oh Jung-sin (Oh Jin-seok), a member of the boy group AX, was blackened by Demon King (Lee Jang-woo), who transformed into RU E&M’s vice president. The demon king told Oh Jeong-sin, who spread Cathy’s scandal, “Why did you use that method? The only thing I came up with is a dating rumor? It’s not attacking Woo Yeon-woo, and it has no ripple effect, and besides, everything you’ve done has already been exposed?”

The demon king asked, “You cute spirit, didn’t you say you hated Woo Yeon-woo enough to kill him?” Oh Jung-shin replied, “Yes, that’s right,” with eyes full of desire. The demon king said, “Really? I really hate it enough to want to kill it? But why can’t you do that? Think about it when you were a trainee. You pushed the person who was going to debut instead of you down the stairs.”

Surprised, Shin-shin Oh was terrified, saying, “How did you do that?”, and the demon king said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m not saying to be afraid. You did very well. Honestly, you don’t even regret it. You want Woo Yeon-woo to die miserably.” Oh Jung-shin looked into the demon king’s eyes and replied, “Yes,” and turned black into a red-eyed demon.

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