The Golden Spoon (2022) Kdrama Cast, Release Date, Plot & More

The Golden Spoon is a South Korean psychological fantasy television series directed by Song Hyun-wook and starring Yook Sung-Jae, Lee Jong-won, Jung Chae-Yeon, and Yeonwoo. Based on the hit Naver webtoon by gp04fb, which was published in 2016, the drama depicts the life adventure of a child who gets a magical golden spoon.

The Goden Spoon Kdrama Release Date:

It is scheduled to premiere on September 23, 2022, on MBC TV for the first time, and will air every Friday and Saturday at 21:50 (KST), thereafter. It will also be available for streaming on Disney+ in selected regions.

The Golden Spoon Brief Profile

  • Drama: The Golden Spoon / Gold Spoon
  • Genres: Psychological, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural
  • Director: Song Hyun-Wook
  • Writer: gp04fb (webcomic), Yoon Eun-Kyung, Kim Eun-Hee
  • Original Network: MBC, Disney+
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: September 23 – November 12, 2022
  • Airing Days: Friday & Saturday
  • Time slot: 21:50 KST
  • Duration: 1 hour 20 mins
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea
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The Golden Spoon Kdrama Plot & Summary

The drama’s plot follows a teenager from a low-income family who uses a magical golden spoon to switch fates with a friend from a wealthy family.

Lee Seung-Cheon (Yook Sung-Jae) is a high school student. He despises living in a poor environment because his family is poor. He runs into an elderly woman one day. He is told by the elderly woman, “If you buy this gold spoon for $3 from me, you can change your parents. You’ll eat 3 meals with this gold spoon with someone your age and at their house. Then, that person’s parents will become your parents.”

After purchasing the gold spoon from the elderly woman, Lee Seung-Cheon eats three times at the home of his friend Hwang Tae-Yong. The Father of Hwang Tae-Yong is a business owner.

The Golden Spoon Kdrama Cast

Yook Sung-Jae as Lee Seung-Cheon

Yook Sung-Jae plays Lee Seung-Cheon, a handsome and bright student who is unhappy with his life because he was born into a poor family. When he is offered the chance to turn his dreams of being wealthy into reality, everything, however, changes.

Jung Chae-Yeon as Na Joo-hee

Jung Chae-Yeon plays Na Joo-hee, a chaebol heiress with a golden heart who yearns for an ordinary life. Her family has forced her into a loveless engagement with Hwang Tae Yong.

Yeonwoo as Oh Yeo-jin

Yeonwoo plays Oh Yeo-jin, a chaebol daughter who has everything she’s ever wanted but simply desires more money.

Lee Jong-won as Hwang Tae-Yong

Lee Jong-won plays Hwang Tae-Yong, who has everything wealth, good looks, and talent. He is obviously difficult to approach because of his piercing glance and delicate aura. He eventually befriends Lee Seung Chun, who envies him for living an affluent life.

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