The Forbidden Marriage Episode 3 Recap: The Revelation of Love Triangle

In The Forbidden Marriage Ep 3, the love triangle between Kim Young-dae, Park Joo-hyun and Kim Woo-seok began to be revealed.

In the MBC Friday and Saturday drama ‘The Forbidden Marriage’, which aired on December 16, Sorang (Park Joo-hyun) recalled the past as Yeh Hyun-seon.

So-rang (Park Joo-hyeon) is stabbed by an assassin sent by Seo’s wife (Park Seon-yeong). Sorang, who fell into the river, barely saved her life and was wandering around the country pretending to be a beggar. So-rang recalled her memories of her time and said, “Ye Hyun-seon died then..” and took her heart.

At this time, Lee Shin-won (Kim Woo-seok) said to So-rang, “Aren’t you scared?” Sorang recalled her near-death memory and said, “It’s scary. It’s cuter than I thought.”

Lee Shin-won said, “If you are possessed by the Crown Princess, don’t you think you can be seen as her?” “It is scary. Emotions can be confused. Even while looking at Lee Shin-won, who was friendly, So-rang made a promise, “Let’s not get close.”Lee Shin-won, who was shopping with So-rang, said that he would buy her flower shoes. When asked, “What kind of flower shoes are you to a wanderer?” Lee Shin-won replied, “What kind of a wanderer are you. I also have a lot of love,” he laughed.

At the whisper, “I’m going back to where I was,” Lee Shin-won asked, “Are you going to live a wandering life again?” “Well. Where will my seat be? So-rang’s heart was shaken by Shin-won Lee’s affectionate expression, “Now wear only flower shoes.”

Meanwhile, in Hanyang, there was an incident where married women were bossamed overnight. After hearing the rumors, Sorang said, “Isn’t she getting married while pretending to be bossam?” Hae-yeong (Jung Bo-min) of Aedaldang told So-rang to be careful, saying, “I thought that was the case, but there are also people who have been found dead in the sea.”

In the midst of public sentiment, Mrs. Seo went to her nobleman’s house and seduced him, saying, “Let her daughter become a lady of the royal family.” She was accepting money, saying that she would help her get to the middle battle position.

Sorang, who entered the palace, tried to predict the weather for her ahead of her dance, but failed. As the heavy rain poured down, Lee Heon (Kim Young-dae) hurriedly went to the bed when he heard a strange sound again and went to Sorang.

Sorang also noticed the sound and set out to find the cause. On the day Sorang entered the palace, she found something that looked like a musical instrument made of bamboo in the place where the workers were working. Sorang, who found the cause of the noise under the ground, immediately crushed it with her feet.

Sorang, who was returning, appeared with a sporadic appearance as her hair was undone. The frightened King and Sorang collided with each other and fell into the pond. The person who saved Sorang was Lee Shin-won. However, the person who saved Lee Heon was the head of the inner house (Lee Hyeon-geol).

Enraged that Lee Shin-won, his friend and most cherished servant, had saved So-rang, Lee Heon said, “Shin-won…” and asked him to come closer. “Wanna die? How could you save her before me!” So-rang just groaned at Lee Heon’s anger. Sorang fell asleep while telling a story to Lee Heon, who couldn’t sleep. To So-rang, Lee Heon kissed her and surprised himself.

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The Forbidden Marriage Ep 3

Lee Shin-won also kissed So-rang after trying to wake her up. Lee Shin-won, too, was surprised by his own behavior and couldn’t sleep and practiced his sword.The next day, on a sunny day, Lee Heon left the palace and headed for Gangmujang. The people admired Lee Heon’s majestic appearance. People’s conversations such as “He’s not crazy” and “Crazy is crazy, but Yongan is crazy!” were heard by Lee Heon. Saying, “I should have come earlier,” Lee Heon happily headed for Gangmujang.

In Gangmujang, a disguised Sorang appeared along with Shinwon Lee. To Lee Heon, who said, “Why are you here!”, Sorang exclaimed, “I am an exorcist, why did I come here because I was afraid!” Sorang guessed that the group threatening Lee Heon would appear in Gangmujang.

Jo Seong-gyun (Yang Dong-geun) had a plan to kill Lee Heon using hunting as an excuse. However, the plan to disguise Lee Heon as an accidental death using a wild boar unexpectedly failed due to a disturbance. Heon Lee announced that he would eat the wild boar he had caught with his servants, drawing cheers from him.

That night, So-rang, who fell into water, is suffering from high fever, and Lee Heon calls doctor from his village to help her. When Lee Sin-won tried to take care of her, Lee Heon told him to leave. She startled Lee Heon, who approached him, when Sorang said, “I want to kiss you again…”. Lee Shin-won saw that moment.

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