The Forbidden Marriage Episode 11 Recap & Summary

In the MBC Friday and Saturday drama ‘The Forbidden Marriage Ep 11′, which aired on January 20th, Sorang (Park Joo-hyeon) confirmed her love for Lee Heon (Kim Young-dae) and wanted to be by his side.

In The Forbidden Marriage Ep 1, with the help of Lee Shin-won (Kim Woo-seok), Lee Hun pursued the bossam boss to find out that Seo’s wife (Park Seon-yeong) and Jo Seong-gyun (Yang Dong-geun) were behind it. He made Lee Heon even more angry by shouting, “Seven years ago, I was ordered to kill someone in the palace.”

As the selection continued, the tricks of the fake Ye Hyeon-seon (Song Ji-woo) became even more heinous and heinous. So-rang (Park Joo-hyun) noticed that something was inside Hwa-yoon’s (Jo Su-min) teacup and signaled her. Thanks to this, Hwa-yun did not drink tea, but another girl drank tea and got red spots all over her body. The courtiers, including the Queen Mother, were surprised and said, “It’s scarlet fever,” but Hwa-yun said, “This isn’t a disease, it’s lacquer.”

As Hwa-yun said, it turned out to be lacquer, but So-rang, who touched the tea water to inform the truth, was accused of the lacquer. Hwa-yun was nominated for the last two along with Ye Hyun-seon, but was taken aback when So-rang was accused of being a criminal.

Meanwhile, her maid (Hwang Jung-min) confirms that her husband and her brother are married and taking care of her son, so she returns to the palace. When she returned, she confirmed that she had given her a jade hairpin, and she confidently replied, “I’ve never seen such a jade hairpin!”

The courtiers conspired to frame the Wonnyeo to hide the fact that they had received bribes from Mr. Seo’s wife. However, her primordial daughter escaped the crisis thanks to a court lady who had been of great help to her in the past, asking for her correct words.

The day before the final exam, Hwa-yun was shocked by the news that “So-rang, a child from prison, disappeared without even knowing it!” In the end, Hwa-yun raised her hand the next day, saying, “There is no reason to be the mother of this country.” The Great King Dae-dae finally decided on Gyu-su to become her middle-jeon, and met Lee Heon on her way. The Great Queen Mother and Lee Heon opened the door to the people in front of the palace, saying, “Abolish the Golden Spirit!”

Lee Heon said, “There was a terrible bloodbath in the prolongation of the golden marriage! Every year there was a flesh change. I made it into a corpse so that no one can become a heavy war!” “Now, we are finally able to welcome the owner of Junggungjeon. It is thanks to you who endured the pain together,” said Heon Lee, conveying his heart to the people.

The Great Queen Daebi called the name of Ye Hyeon-seon as the final decision was made. The fake Ye Hyeon-seon was delighted and as she climbed up in front of the Great Queen Mother, she was surprised to find out who was going up the same way. It was a cow.

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