The First Responders Episode 1 Recap & Summary

In The First Responders Ep 1, Jin Ho-gae (Kim Rae-won), Bong Do-jin (Son Ho-jun), and Song Seol (Gong Seung-yeon) conducted a joint operation.

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The First Responders Kdrama Episode 1

On this particular day, Jinho Gae first showed up in the restroom, examining himself in the mirror, using force against people while acting in the capacity of a police officer, and rehearsing his justification for his actions—that he was considering how he had violated the suspect’s human rights. But after watching a recording showing himself cursing and striking the suspect in the face, Jinhogae used a crane to fold the paper on which the announcement was printed.

Jin Ho-gae responded, “Chairman, honestly, that bastard is a really bad guy,” in response to the request for one last protest. In the world, he is a bad guy. In our next encounter, I’ll murder half of them. You, the police, he said, addressing the policemen seated next to him. I’ve got to do it.

Jin Ho-gae then added a shock while grinning widely. His coworkers responded by calling him “a wild Jindo puppy with no top and bottom” and sticking out his tongue. Around eight in the morning, Bong Do-Jin and Song Seol occupied a vacant spot at the fire station to prepare ramen.

However, the emergency dispatch siren sounded before even one chopstick could be opened. Even Code Zero, a kidnapping and imprisonment case that required collaboration with the police, was involved. In a large apartment building with more than a thousand households, even the victim, Kim So-hee, was GPS-tracked. In a case where the cell phone was stolen, the victim scarcely reported it while wearing Bluetooth earphones.

The kidnapper, who appeared to be in the medical field, pointed out each organ’s position before cutting an artery on the victim’s leg. Jin Ho-gae’s lone action, in contrast to the fire department’s coordinated response, angered Baek Cham, the leader of the investigative team. Later, Jin Hogae took to a motorcycle to clear a path for a fire engine.

The motorcycle blocked the front of the fire truck as soon as it entered the apartment complex after Bong Do-jin tilted his head. By shutting off the siren and asking, “Are you promoting that you were dispatched to the location of the incident?” Jinho Gae displayed a strong first impression. Jin Ho-gae kept trying to control the situation with his own reasoning, such as speculating that the attacker was a sharp-eyed serial killer, while Bong Do-jin was impatient to discover Kim So-hee as a team of two.

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The First Responders Korean Drama Episode 1

Kim So-hee, however, was going insane due to the heavy bleeding at the moment. Kim So-hee,” the paramedic Song Seol finally yelled after trying to talk to the patient for a while. Song Seol gave Kim So-hee optimism by stating, “We’ll go soon,” Sohee, don’t give up.

As a last resort, Jin Ho-gae shocked the victim by suggesting that they should set the scene on fire and find out the location. Bong Do-jin said, “It’s dangerous, so don’t do it,” but Jin Ho-gae said, “Turn off the fire and you guys save it. Isn’t that a firefighting?” Kim So-hee eventually succeeded in setting the fire according to Bong-do Jin’s instructions.

Jin Ho-gae braved the risk of burning himself to use the explosion to apprehend the criminal when the kidnapper threatened him by holding him captive. The shock was increased when Jin Ho-gae later learned that the kidnapper had killed Kim So-hee and six additional women. Jin Ho-gae, who solved the case, attracted attention by signing a new house on the same floor as Bong Do-jin and Song Seol.

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