The Complete List of 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards Recipients 2022

The first Blue Dragon Series Awards were presented on the afternoon of the 19th July in Paradise City, Incheon, South Korea, and were hosted by actress and Girls’ Generation member Yoona and broadcaster Jeon Hyun-moo.

At the first Blue Dragon Series Awards, Netflix’s “DP” and the tv reality show “Exchange” won for Best Drama and Entertainment, respectively. Kang Ho-dong and Celeb Five (Song Eun-yi, Ahn Young-mi, Shin Bong-seon, and Kim Shin-young) received the Male and Female Artist Award in the entertainment category, while actors Lee Jung-jae and Kim Go-eun won the Best Actor and Actress in a Drama category.

The award for Best Drama in the Drama category went to “DP.” Lee Jung-jae won the Best Actor Award for “Squid Game,” and Kim Go-eun won the Best Actress Award for “Yumi’s Cells.”

Lee Hak-joo won the Best Supporting Actor award for “This is how I get to the Blue House,” while Kim Shin-rok won the Best Supporting Actress award for “Hell.”

The Best New Actress award was awarded to Jeong Ho-Yeon from “Squid Game,” and the Rookie of the Year honour was given to Gwa-Kwan Koo for “DP.”

“Exchange” won the award for Best tv show in the entertainment category. Kang Ho-dong received the award for best male entertainer for “New Journey to the West Special Spring Camp,” and Celeb Five received the award for best female entertainer for “Celebrity in Meeting.”

In addition to Joo Hyun-young from “SNL Korea,” Kai from “From the New World” also received the Rookie of the Year award.

Jung Hae-in, Han Hyo-joo, Kang Daniel, Lee Yong-jin, Park Jae-chan, and Park Seo-ham received the Popularity Awards.

List Of Winners of Blue Dragon Series Awards

>Drama Category

  • Best Picture: ‘DP’
  • Best Actor: ‘Squid Game’ Lee Jung-jae
  • Best Actress: ‘Yumi’s Cells’ Kim Go-eun
  • Supporting Actor Award: ‘This is the ideal Blue House Going To Go’ Lee Hak- joo
  • Best Supporting Actress: Kim Shin-rok for “Hellbound”
  • Rookie of the Year Award Male: ‘DP’ Gu Gwan-hwa
  • Rookie of the Year Female: ‘Squid Game’ Jeong Ho-yeon

>Entertainment Category

  • Best Picture: ‘Transferring Love’
  • Male Entertainer Award: ‘New Journey to the West’ Special Spring Camp’ Kang Ho-dong
  • Female Artist Award: ‘Celebrities in Meeting’ Celeb Five (Song Eun-yi, Ahn Young-mi, Shin Bong-seon, Kim Shin-young)
  • Rookie Male Artist: ‘From the New World’ Kai
  • New Female Artist Award: ‘SNL Korea’ Joo Hyun-young

Meanwhile, this was the Blue Dragon Series Awards inaugural ceremony to present awards for original drama series content . In this awards ceremony, awards were given out for the best drama, best actor, best supporting actor, male and female, and rookie of the year.

These awards were given out for content from Netflix, Disney+, Season, Apple TV+, Watcha, Wave, Kakao TV, Coupang Play, and domestic dramas and entertainments produced or invested by TVING. The Best Picture Award in the entertainment category, the Male and Female Artist Award, the Male and Female New Artist Award, and the Popular Star Award are among the 12 categories that were categorised to present the awards.

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