Sponsor’s Premiere Today, Leads talk about ‘Adult Romance’ in the drama

In ‘Sponsor,’ actors Han Chae-young and Koo Ja-sung discussed adult romance and performing breathing.

The opening special drama ‘Sponsor’ online production presentation was held on the morning of the 23rd Feburary. This event was attended by actors Han Chae-young, Koo Ja-seong, Ji I-su, Kim Jeong-tae, and Lee Yoon-mi.

‘Sponsor’ is a romantic comedy about four men and women who start on a quest to locate a sponsor who will fulfil their aspirations, no matter what it takes.

Sponsor Drama, Image Credit: Promotional Poster, iHQ

Han Chae-young takes up the character of Han Chae-rin in the play. Chaerin Han is the CEO of a cosmetics company, she is both wealthy and beautiful. Hyun Seung-hoon is played by Koo Ja-seong. Former soccer player and aspiring model Hyun Seung-hoon

Han Chae-young described her adult romance with Koo Ja-sung on this day. “It’s odd to suggest it’s an adult romance,” he said with a giggle. “I don’t believe so.” “Even though Koo Ja-seong is younger than me, he has matured enough to not feel it,” Han Chae-young added. It went off without a hitch right from the start.” “(Han Chae-young) is a senior, and in a manner, she’s a Barbie doll,” Koo Ja-seong replied. It was difficult for me to approach her because I’m an introvert. To de-stress, (Han Chae-young) made jokes and performed pranks. Source: Tenasia

Sponsor Plot and Synopsis

A drama series about four people who are looking for a sponsor to help them fulfil their dreams. Lee Sun-Woo is a well-known photographer and magazine editor. He has a nice demeanour and a welcoming smile, but he has had a traumatic life. As a result, he is desperate for revenge.

Han Chae-Rin is the president and CEO of a cosmetics firm. She possesses all of the mentioned qualities, including riches and beauty. She is a determined woman who achieves her goals.Park Da-Som is a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry. She is driven and will go to any length to achieve her goals. She has a son who has a rare condition, which she attempts to safeguard. Hyun Seung-Hoon is her husband . He aspires to be a model, but he lacks the necessary skills.

Meanwhile, at 11 p.m. same night, ‘Sponsor’ will air for the first time on IHQ drama, MBN.

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