Soundtrack #1 Episode 1 Recap & Review: The best chemistry between Park Hyung-Sik and Han So-Hee

The best chemistry between Park Hyung-Sik and Han So-Hee exploded from the first episode of ‘Soundtrack #1.’

The original series ‘Soundtrack #1’ from Disney+ was launched on the 23rd. ‘Soundtrack #1’ is a musical romance in which two best friends of 20 years get to know each other over the course of two weeks in the same residence. ‘Between Love and Friendship,’ which was released in the spring of 2022, prophesied a unique relationship and drew a lot of interest and expectation even before it was released. The first episode of ‘Soundtrack #1,’ which was recently released, flawlessly reflected music, romance, and even chemistry, and accurately captured the MZ generation’s tastes.

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‘Soundtrack #1 Episode 1’, Han Seon-woo (Park Hyung-Sik) and Lee Eun-soo (Han So-Hee), two friends who have been good friends for 20 years. The two had a ‘boy and girl friendship’ relationship rather than a ‘lover’ relationship. Seon-woo, a rookie photographer from the United States, spent two weeks in Seoul preparing for an exhibition. Meanwhile, Lee Eun-soo, a professional lyricist, was embroiled in controversy as the lines that melted the feelings of ‘unrequited love’ did not pan out as planned.

Lee Eun-soo, who has never had a crush on anyone, was given a two-week deadline by a composer she admires. So, as usual, she went up with her best friend Han Seon-woo for a drink and a chat about her concerns. Meanwhile, Eun-soo discovered that Han Seon-woo has experienced an unrequited love experience and that unrequited love is still going on. In response, drunk Eun-soo Lee advised Seon-woo to stay with her for only two weeks before going to the United States.

Lee Eun-Soo’s proposal to live together for two weeks surprised Han Seon-woo. Lee Eun-soo was, in fact, Han Seon-Woo’s unrequited love. In the past, Han Seon-woo attempted to confess to Lee Eun-soo but was unable to do so. Han Seon-woo, who had hidden his sentiments in the name of “friendship,” decided after hearing Lee Eun-soo say, “I live by doing what I want to be honest.” When Eunsoo woke up to the ringing of her doorbell and unlocked it, she found Seon-woo standing in front of her.

Soundtrack #1 Review

‘Soundtrack #1 Episode 1’ concluded a remarkable romance by depicting the emotional lines of a man and woman at the crossroads of ‘between love and friendship,’ sometimes cutely and sometimes thrillingly. Park Hyung-Sik and Han So-hee, the two most ‘hot’ actors in 2022, perfectly portrayed the characteristics of a kind male buddy and a cheerful and gorgeous female friend, respectively. The two performers’ chemistry shone as they sketched attractive characters in a more charming way. Even if they are buddies, the combination of these two enthralled individuals, as well as the deeper romantic feelings in the drama, will make them shine even brighter. In keeping with the music romance genre, the OST, when put in the right spot for the plot, enhances the experience.

It was the first episode that fulfilled everyone’s ambition of being ‘between love and friendship’ at least once. It was the first episode in which music, romance, and even chemistry all worked in perfect harmony. I’m curious and anticipating what type of thrill and excitement ‘Soundtrack #1’ will provide for the next three episodes after the first episode, which appropriately nailed the taste of the MZ generation.

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