Song Kang, the ‘Son of Netflix’, will hold an online meeting for global fans.

Song Kang will be chosen as the main character of the K-star event presented by Netflix on the 19th, and will speak in real time with fans all over the world, according to his agency, Namoo Actors. With the Netflix series ‘Love Alarm’ Seasons 1 and 2, ‘Sweet Home,’ and the dramas ‘Navillera’ and ‘Nevertheless,’ Song Kang is confirming his appeal as a global rising star by meeting with fans all around the world.

Song Kang also reprised his role as Lee Si-woo in the JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ (Also Called: Meteorolofical Administration People, Weather People), which premiered last week. He was able to turn his acting around 180 degrees, and he once again became the power of the K Romance Trend. Despite the fact that only one or two episodes have been broadcast, Song Kang has risen to the top 10 on Netflix in ten countries, demonstrating its appeal not only in Korea but also internationally.

Song Kang, Image Source: Google

As a result, beginning with ‘Love Alarm,’ he has been dubbed ‘Son of Netflix,’ and the expectation for this online worldwide fan meeting is tremendous. On March 4, this event, will be streamed in real time on ‘THE SWOON,’ a Korean content YouTube channel, is scheduled to be loaded with a variety of content from global fans, including questions, comments, and simple quizzes. It will last approximately an hour and is also streamed with English subtitles, so Song Kang’s appearance, in which he will converse in real time with fans all over the world, is also increasing anticipation.

There is a lot of excitement that how Song Kang’s unique charm and vivid communication will unfold at this online worldwide fan meeting, which is his first solo fan meeting in his life.

Meanwhile, on March 4 at 8 p.m. Korean Standard Time, Netflix’s inaugural K-star fan event with Song Kang will be streamed live on YouTube’s ‘THE SWOON’ channel, and afterwards in Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Portuguese, and Spanish. It will be translated and uploaded in Vietnamese as well.

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