Song Kang Entangles In Tense Situation with His Ex-Gf and her Husband in ‘FLAW’

Song Kang entangles in a gritty three way face to face confrontration with Yoon Park and Yura in the new still cuts of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’.

In the JTBC weekend drama ‘Forecasting love and Weather: The Cruelty of Office Romance’ (directed by Cha Young-hoon, penned by Seon-yeong), the characters’ relationships are entangled. This is because Jin Ha-kyung (Park Min-young) and Han Ki-joon (Yoon Park), who had promised to marry after ten years of dating, had an affair with Lee Si-Woo’s girlfriend  Chae Yu-jin (Yura) and married. And the victims of the wind, Ha-kyung and Si-woo, are secretly dating without anybody knowing.

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Forecasting Love and Weather ep 5 still cut

What if we were all three of us in this awkward and unpleasant situation? Siwoo, Ki-joon, and Eugene appear to have a gritty three-way face-to-face in the stills released before the 5th episode, on the 26th. The tension is exploded by the delicate nerve war between the three people with sharp emotions. I’m curious about the backgrounds of the three persons who have never met each other in person and growl like this.

Above all, Ki-joon and Eugene had emotional issues with Si-woo in the past. Eugene came to her wedding wanting revenge, but Siwoo, who had snatched her bouquet without her knowledge. It was because she didn’t want her husband, Ki-joon, to know about her relationship with Si-woo. However, when old images that had not been cleaned properly were discovered, the lies were exposed. This is why Ki-joon appears to be particularly fond of Si-woo in the published photos.

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Forecasting love and weather ep 5 still cuts releasred ahead of ep 5 broadcast

Siwoo, who is experiencing Ki-joon’s piercing look, radiates a constant burst of energy. He is the one who not only intercepted his ex-girlfriend, but also gave Ha-kyung the bitter taste of in-house romance, thus his eyes cannot be diverted away from him. Eugene is unsure what to do with the powerful sparks emitted by the two of them, fearful of what might happen. The three-way face-to-face of these persons who are hyper-focused on the viewers is also increasing with anticipation for the major broadcast. (1)

Forecasting Love and Weather Plot and Synopsis

Forecasting Love and Weather drama tells the story of individual who works in the same office at Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. It revolves around their work and love lives of Jin Ha Kyung an intelligent and exceedingly organized person who does everything by the book and is picky around keeping her personal and professional lives seperate and, Lee Shi Woo a free soul who always thinks outside the box. In spite of the fact that he looks clumsy, he brags an noteworthy IQ of 150 and is able to realize anything once he sets his intellect to it.

Meanwhile, Episode 5th of Forecasting Love and Weather will broadcast today, 26th Feb.

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