Song Kang Celebrates His 29th Birthday, Thanks Fans For The Great Love

Song Kang shared a birthday party photo on his Instagram account on his 29th birthday.

Song Kang is surrounded by gifts from his fans in the uploaded photograph, and he is posing while making a heart. He also showed his gratitude to the fans who celebrated his birthday by taking a photo of his celebrating his birthday in front of a subway billboard.

On the occasion of his 29th birthday, Song Kang Posted three photos on his official Instagram account with the caption:

매번주신 큰사랑덕분에 큰행복을 받고있어요 너무 너무 감사합니다 모두 행복한 주말 보내시구 행복한 한 해 보내시기를 응원할게욥🥰😘😍

Thanks to the great love you gave me every time, I am receiving great happiness. Thank you very much. Have a happy weekend everyone. I will support you in a happy year” 😘😍

Song Kang on IG

Meanwhile, Song Kang made his debut as an actor in 2017 in a supporting role in the romantic comedy TV series “The Liar and His Lover”. That same year, he starred in a family drama “Man in the Kitchen”. Song Kang rose to prominence after appearing in the Netflix series Love Alarm, Sweet Home, and Nevertheless. Recently, he portrayed Si-woo Lee in the JTBC and Netflix drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather,’, which skyrocketed his fame not only in Korea but abroad too.

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