Song Joong Ki Dating A British Girl…Silence On Remarriage & Pregnancy

On the 26th, through one of South Korean news exclusive report, it was reported that Song Joong-ki was in a relationship with a beautiful British non-celebrity. Since then, Song Joong-ki’s agency also acknowledged the fact, and congratulations from many people continue.

Attention is focusing on whether actor Song Joong-ki will directly reveal his position regarding his relationship with his British girlfriend.

Song Joong-ki’s agency, High Jieum Studio, said, “Song Joong-ki continues to meet a woman with good feelings. We hope you will look at the meeting of the two with warm eyes.” Then, as it was confirmed that Song Joong-ki has proudly disclosed his love affair. In fact, since Song Joong-ki’s love affair with the British girl was reported, their dating witnesses and photos of the two of them together at the airport were also re-examined.

The sightings of Song Joong-ki and his girlfriend holding hands while walking on the beach in Bali, Indonesia, where they recently attended an event, and the sightings of them accompanying the media conference held in Singapore on the 7th for his drama ‘Reborn Rich‘ drew attention.

Song Joong-ki, who went on a date with confidence and immediately acknowledged his relationship through his agency, so many people’s eyes are focused on his position. In particular, as many suspicions surrounding the relationship of the two have been raised, there is an opinion that a cool and pointed position from the person concerned is needed.

First of all, there is a cautious speculation that Song Joong-ki is marrying his British girlfriend. Normally, it is not an atmosphere that can easily admit celebrity dating rumors, but Song Joong-ki, despite being a top star, coolly accepted the dating fact right away.

Above all, the biggest atmosphere is the curiosity about the identity of Song Joong-ki’s lover. The claim that Song Joong-ki’s lover is Katie Lewis Saunders, a British actress, is gaining persuasive power online. When Song Joong-ki won the grand prize for the drama ‘Vincenzo’ at the ‘APAN Star Awards’ held in September, he said, “I sincerely love my dear Katie, Nala, Maya, and Antes, even my friends who I value so much.” this was blown up.

At that time, Song Joong-ki said “I love Katie” is Katie Louis Sounders, and the names he said afterwards are the names of Song Joong-ki and Katie Louis Sounders’ dogs. In fact, Song Joong-ki’s dog’s name was known as Nala, and Katie Louis Saunders’ dog’s name was Maya and Anthes, which was confirmed through her own Twitter.

Katie Louis Saunders, who was named Song Joong-ki’s lover, was born to her British father and Colombian mother, and reportedly spent her childhood in London, England and Rome, Italy. She was born in 1984, so she is a year older than Song Joong-ki. It is believed that she has now quit her acting career and has been working as an English teacher without any special work activities.

Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki debuted in the 2002 movie ‘Journey of Love’, and later appeared in the films ‘Lizzie Maguire’, ‘Borgia: The Most Corrupt Pope in History’ and ‘The Third Person’. Accordingly, the fact that Song Joong-ki learned Italian for the filming of ‘Vincenzo’ again draws attention, and at that time, there is even an argument that Song Joong-ki learned Italian from Katie Louis Saunders and developed love.

There are also observations that Song Joong-ki will also keep his silence for the time being, given that his agency kept quiet about his girlfriend’s personal information amidst various allegations. Song Joong-ki’s agency took a cautious stance regarding Song Joong-ki and his lover, saying, “We ask for your understanding that we cannot confirm any information other than his relationship.” As much as his girlfriend is a non-celebrity, it is interpreted that a lot of attention is burdensome.

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