Shooting Stars Kdrama Episode 6 Recap

In Shooting Stars Ep 6, it was discovered that Lee Sung-kyung had love sentiments for Kim Young-dae in the past.

‘Shooting Star’ Ep 6 shed light on what occurs when work and love collide in the entertainment industry.

In Shooting Stars Episode 6, Oh Han-byeol (Lee Sung-kyung) felt joy for Gong Tae-seong (Kim Young-dae), who fell asleep while leaning on her shoulder, and returned to work mode with her efforts. Soon after, new relationship allegations surfaced between actor Jang Seok-woo, Star Force’s best playboy. Oh Han-byul and Gong Tae-sung’s work came to an end as the corporation was flipped upside down.

Shooting Stars Ep 6

Do Su-hyeok is getting closer to Oh Han-byul in the office while Gong Tae-seong is busy shooting a drama. He arranges a private meeting as a pretext for housewarming. Also, Do Soo-hyuk provoked Gong Tae-seong by claiming, “I was with Team Leader Oh until recently,” when they met in the elevator at home late at night. Gong Tae-seong, who had erupted in rage at this, appeared to be unable to sleep all night.

In Star Force, yet another relationship controversy has erupted. On the internet, a photo of Baek Da-hye eating naengmyeon was posted. The reflection of Gong Taesung’s face in the bowl of cold noodles raised concerns that the two of them were on a date alone. At a dinner party with the ‘World of Stars’ drama team, the two ate naengmyeon.


The followers of Gong Tae-sung and Baek Da-hye were unfounded. Hanbyul Oh acquired the restaurant’s CCTV and called Gong Tae-seong immediately to ask if it was genuine, quickly putting an end to the relationship rumours. Gong Tae-seong, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with Oh Han-byul’s demeanor, since she handled his dating rumours calmly.

The conflicting thoughts of Oh Han-byul and Gong Tae-seong were then reflected. Gong Tae Sung was ecstatic to discover that the person who knew him best was the one who knew him best when reading the written interview that Oh Han Byul had written for him. Furthermore, when manager Byun Jeong-yeol, who had witnessed Gong Tae-sung’s feelings, asked, “Isn’t your brother curious now?” his heart fell, and he realised he was fascinated about everything about Han Byul.

In front of her friend Jo Jo-bum, however, Oh Han-byeol drew a line with Gong Tae-seong. “If you are a human, you must have been thrilled,” Jo Jo-Beum says. Oh Han-byeol denies in front of Jo Jo-Beum. “A strong negation is a strong positive,” Jogi Bum remarked. Hanbyul Oh nailed it when she said, “Strong denial is exactly that: strong. You can’t work if you have love feelings for a star.” However, Oh Han-byul’s unusually sensitive reply made wonder about her sincerity toward Gong Tae-seong.

Hanbyul Oh and her colleagues went to Star Force headquarters to see the first broadcast of ‘The World of Stars.’ However, Tae-seong Gong showed up in the office to watch the first broadcast with Han-byeol Oh, and the two were aware of each other throughout the programme, making it difficult to concentrate on the material. Gong Tae-seong followed Oh Han-byul out the door after the broadcast concluded to speak with reporters.

Gong Tae-seong inquired carefully about her reaction to the initial airing. Oh Han-byeol was perplexed when he said that the play’s character was cool. “Then what about me?” Gong Tae-seong inquired about Oh Han-byul’s affections for him.

However, because Gong Tae-sung and Ha-jin (Moon Ga-young) were dating at the time, and Tae-sung himself revealed that he was dating, Oh Han-byul cried when delivering a press statement.

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