Shooting Stars Kdrama Episode 5 Recap: Kim Young Dae & Lee Sung Kyung’s Secret Campus Romance Revealed

In Shooting Star Kdrama Ep 5, Gong Tae-seong (Kim Young-dae) fell in love with Oh Han-byeol (Lee Sung Kyung)

In Shooting Stars Ep 5, Oh Han-byeol denies Su-hyeok’s question about whether she is dating Gong Tae-seong, and Tae-seong, who was furious after seeing this, made Han Byeol go to work for the filming site of his drama ‘The World of Stars’ using a bet as an excuse. 

When the staff heard the news that Oh Han-byeol was going to the filming site of Gong Tae-seong, they whispered, “Are you going on a public date on set now?” Gong Tae-seong’s manager also said, “There seems to be something between the two. You know,” he said, fueling the rumors.

Shooting Stars drama episode 5 Recap

Due to a drunk driving scandal involving an actor, Hanbyul went to Suhyeok late at night to seek legal advice. Soo-hyuk, who kept track of the exact time he was not supposed to be at work, met with Hanbyul even after the time had gone, and they became friends.

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During this time, the latest entertainment industry Jirashi was circulating online, with three Star Force Entertainment celebrities at the core of the rumours. Jang Seok-woo is a playboy, while Baek Da-hye is a drug addict. There’s also a rumour that Tae-seong stinks, as well as drug rumours.

Hanbyeol revealed the Jirashi’s starting place. Da-hye Baek’s drug theory was inspired by his love of tteokbokki, whereas the Gong Tae-seong Club’s ‘Jukdori’ theory was based on Taeseong’s daily routine, in which he nearly lived in a health club to create a body. Han Byul sniffed the crown of the head to reassure Tae-seong, who washes his hair on occasion, and spared him from ‘shampoo obsessive-compulsive’.

The truth about Hanbyul and Taeseong’s rumoured campus romance was also revealed. While modelling for a school brochure, the two were reported to be lovers, and as a result, they were tormented by Taeseong’s admirers throughout their college years.

Hanbyul, on the other hand, was unaware of a hidden story. To safeguard Hanbyul at the moment, Taeseong threw out the booklet that triggered the incident on the condition that he become a model for the annual advertising brochure.

Following that, Tae-sung received a written interview request after spending a few nights filming the drama, and he told the manager, “I’m filming, do I have to watch this?

“Instead, Hanbyul Oh, who was composing the written interview, went straight to Taeseong Gong and inquired about ‘the most dramatic incident in life,’ which he couldn’t respond.

Shooting Stars Ep 5

Hanbyul provided Taesung instances of when he graduated from college, when he first won the Best Actor award, when he hit 10 million, and when he went to Africa when Taesung was drunk and couldn’t answer well, laughed “Stay still,” she said as he fell asleep. Don’t leave the house.”

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When Oh Han-byeol saw Tae-seong sleeping on her shoulder, she straightened as if perplexed.

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Meanwhile, the ‘famous actress’ Eun Si-woo is set to return to Korea after splitting up with her husband in the 6th episode of ‘Shooting Star,’ which will air on the 7th.

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