Shooting Stars Episode 9 Recap: Lee Sung Kyung Kisses Kim Young Dae

In Shooting Stars Ep 9, Gong Tae-sung’s (Kim Young-dae) mother Eun Si-woo (Choi Ji-woo) crashed into his house and grabbed his maid’s hair from her son Kim Young-dae’s house.

“Where are you coming from?”, his mother asked. Gong Tae-sung sighed. “Why can’t a mother come to her son’s house?” Eun Si-woo asked. According to Gong Tae-seong, “Mom? You makes those words sound so natural.” “You did nothing for me.” “Um… a face?” Eun Si-woo exclaimed. and laughed, “Still, don’t we look a little alike?”

“Do it in moderation and go,” Gong Tae-sung responded. “I have one more,” Eun Si-woo continued, “and I gave you a nice name, Gong Tae-sung.” “I have something to tell you,” Eun Si-woo stated, and then someone entered by hitting the number key. It was a helper aunt, Kwon Myung-hee.

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When Eun Si-woo spotted Myeong-hee Kwon, she remembered their previous encounter at a department store. “Whether it’s a limited edition, don’t you know if it’s mine?” Kwon Myung-hee asked her workers after purchasing expensive luxury items.

“Why is this woman here?” Eun Si-woo asked, grabbing Kwon Myung-hee’s hair as she was about to leave. Eun Si-woo’s conduct startled Gong Tae-sung, who came to a halt, and Kwon Myung-hee was sent away. Meanwhile, in elevator, Kwon Myung-hee thought to herself, “I found out.”

Meanwhile, Han Byul (Lee Sung Kyung) visited Taesung’s house. Gong Tae-sung questioned Oh Han-byeol, “Will the money be wasted? Do I buy all the seats if I only need two movie tickets?” “Because I want to see simply you and the two of us” Gong Tae-seong said. “What are you being so honest about?” Oh Han-byeol was perplexed. Gong Tae-sung admitted openly, “I have to tell you the truth. Because I enjoy your company.”

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Oh Hanbyul asked cautiously, “Do you really like me? How much?” Gong Tae-seong was bewildered by “how much?” and continued, “Even if you are so hard that you like to eat pickles that will break your teeth. good,” he said.

“Hey, you’re crazy,” Oh Han-byul exclaimed, and Gong Tae-sung shivered “To properly confess, I prepared a lot of cool sentences. Then Oh Han-byul kissed Gong Tae-sung right away, and he was astonished by herself even after doing so. “Are you startled even though you kissed me?” Gong Tae-sung asked and hugged her. “Don’t run away this time,” he said after a long kiss.

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