Shooting Stars Episode 8 Recap: Kim Young-dae’s Kissing Scene & Lee Sung Kyung Restlessness

In Shooting Stars Ep 8, Hanbyul (Lee Sung Kyung), who had been perplexed by Taeseong’s (Kim Young Dae’s) quick confession, left Taeseong’s residence. He was mentally disturbed by Siwoo’s presence. Tae-seong, who had driven Si-woo away, laid down moaning and in pain, his dreams filled with memories of the past.

Si-woo was a mother who abandoned her son Tae-seong and her family for the sake of an actress’s career, according to Tae-sung’s memory. However, in the following dream, Tae-seong met Han Byul, a new college student, and was able to regain his strength and wake up.

To Soohyuk and Taeseong’s relay confession, Hanbyul was so close to giving up her so-called spirit. Tae-sung was on her mind all day, and she couldn’t hide her embarrassment when she ran into Soo-hyuk at work.

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Shooting star kdrama ep 8

Tae-seong, who is unfamiliar with such insider information, went to Star Force and watched the amicable chat between Han-byul and Su-hyeok, then returned without saying anything. In response, Taeseong laughed with a sorrowful expression, as though reminiscing on the crimes he had committed against Hanbyul.

He was also set to open the kiss scene in Taesung’s drama ‘The World of Stars,’ which he short recorded. Hanbyul wanted to avoid Taeseong, but there was no reason for her not to attend the scene, and in the end, she was placed in a position where she could intuit Taeseong and his opponent Dahye kissing.

Tae-seong was disturbed by the fact that he had shown Han-byul a kissing scene, so he explained it, but instead, their relationship worsened, creating regret. However, the reality of Taesung’s ‘public love,’ which Hanbyul had previously suffered, was exposed.

Tae-seong was surprised to learn during a talk with Yeo Ha-jin (Moon Ga-young), a former public lover, that Han Byul was the one who proclaimed the official position of admitting his followers. Tae-seong and Ha-jin were, in fact, a’show window pair’ at the time, who claimed to be lovers in public for the benefit of both sides. When Taeseong discovered that his previous impulsive judgement had injured the woman he liked, he tore his hair out.

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Shooting Stars Episode 8 Recap

Furthermore, Tae’s confession is a situation in which she has no alternative but to remain silent, even in the presence of her closest friends. Hanbyul’s pain was becoming increasingly unbearable. Then Hanbyul decided to respond to Soohyuk’s confession first. But, sensing Hanbyul’s reluctance, Soo-hyeok saved time by stating, “I don’t want to hear an answer right now,” while gently choosing a place to eat, unsettling Hanbyul’s heart once more.

As the episodes progress, Kim Young-dae’s acting improves, resulting in an explosive chemistry with Lee Sung-kyung that draws viewers in. When Soo-hyeok provokes, his blazing eyes are engulfed in jealousy, and he appears to be relaxed in front of Han-byul, but he is restless and afraid.

On the other hand, the appearance of Eun Si-woo, who is like a pain in Tae-sung’s finger, and the appearance of a housekeeper in Tae-sung’s house, who appears friendly but has a secret, are rising anticipation for the upcoming episodes.

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