Shooting Stars Episode 7 Recap: Kim Young Dae’s Confession To Lee Sung Kyung

In Shooting Stars Ep 7, Gong Tae Sung (Kim Young-dae) confessed to Oh Han Byul (Lee Sung-kyung).

Gong Tae-seong becoming jealous of the men around Oh Han-byeol. In Shooting Star ep 7, Gong Tae-seong revealed a vulnerable side by being envious of Kang Yoo-seong, the agency’s team leader, who was standing shoulder to shoulder with Oh Han-byul.

Byun Jeong-yeol, Gong Tae-sung’s manager, noticed this, and Byun Jeong-yeol said, “Oh, and you were also the team’s leader. He was the one who expressed his interest at the time.”

Gong Tae-seong replied, “That’s right.” Curiosity is driving me nuts.” “Have you ever admitted anything?” Gong Tae-seong inquired of Byun Jeong-yeol, who said, “I haven’t confessed.” Gong Tae-seong replied, “I’ve never confessed since I appear to be in high demand.” Gong Tae-seong turned to the Internet to find up “how to confess” after obtaining no confession counsel from Byun Jeong-yeol.

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Shooting Star Episode 7 Recap, Source: tvN

Gong Tae-seong and Byun Jeong-yeol then staged a massive operation to confess to Oh Han-byul. For a few days, Gong Tae-seong, who had chosen to ‘tie shoelaces’ to capture Oh Han-byul’s heart, meticulously examined Oh Han-byul’s shoes.

Finally, on the day of the outside shoot, Byun Jeong-yeol saw Oh Han-byul was wearing lace-up shoes and covertly untied them so Gong Tae-seong could tie them naturally. However, the outcome was a colossal failure. “Do you think I’ll get hit again?” Hanbyul Oh exclaimed, horrified by the sight of Gong Tae-seong fastening her shoelaces.

Gong Tae-seong then brought Oh Han-byeol a cup of hot coffee and tried to be pleasant. Hanbyul Oh, however, who took the coffee, turned it down one by one, saying, “Wow, I almost drank it.” Did you go for another ride? I was almost done with the anxiety.

“Despite Oh Han-byul’s repeated rejections, Gong Tae-seong applied artificial tears as he searched the Internet and gazed deeply at Oh Han-byul. But the response Hanbyul received was, “What do you think?” Do I appear to be sluggish?

Gong Tae-seong even wrote Oh Han-byul a letter expressing his sincerity, but the letter was shredded at the words of Oh Han-byul, which was a humorous situation “I despise handwritten letters more than anything else in the world. I’ll track down the author of the first handwritten letter.”

Gong Tae-seong confesses to Oh Han-byul at the end of the drama “Is there anything noteworthy? I have something unique. I like you “, and Oh Han-byul screams and flees. Tae-seong Gong murmured, “What exactly is the big deal? What distinguishes you? Did you converse while delivering flowers? However, why are you screaming and fleeing?”

The bell rung at that same moment. Gong Tae-seong rushed open the door, thinking it was Oh Han-byeol, but it was Eun Si-woo who stood in front of the door.

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