Shooting Stars Episode 3 Recap: Kim Young Dae’s Reason To Visit Africa Revealed

The reason Gong Tae-Seong (Kim Young-Dae) travelled to Africa was revealed in Shooting Stars Ep 3.’ “Do you really think I sent you to Africa?” Oh Han-byeol (Lee Sung-Kyung) asked Taesung, who returned to Korea after a year of volunteer service in Africa.

The two then quarrelled, urging their friends to cover up who was to blame for their trip to Africa.

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Oh Han-byeol encountered Gong Tae-Seong in an empty movie theatre and began a nerve war with him, declaring, “You’re not coming here anymore.” Isn’t this supposed to be for me? ” Gong Tae-seong placed his finger on Oh Han-byul’s lips as the movie began, urging her to stay quiet. At the time, attention was drawn to Oh Han-byul and Gong Tae-seong’s pasts.

“You… do you honestly think I sent you to Africa?” Oh Han-byeol asked Gong Tae-seong after the movie. Gong Tae-seong had enquired, “Ask the person on the road, isn’t that so?” remarked Oh Han-byul. He claimed that Tae-seong was never transferred to Africa.

Gong Tae-seong recalls his best friend, actor Lee Yoon-woo, saying something similar at a press conference for a drama in the past. He said that volunteering in Africa is his dream and that he wants to go with Gong Tae-seong, saying, He stated, “I don’t like it.” “Is it tough to go to Africa?” Gong Tae-seong, who ran into Oh Han-byul in the corridor of the production presentation site, wondered aloud as he pondered those remarks. “Are you in Africa?” Hanbyul Oh inquired. Relax and take it easy. You don’t have a word of service on your face.”

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“If I go, I will go,” Gong Tae-seong, who was unhappy, stated. I’m going to go. Africa! ” He yelled because he mistook it for an actor’s waiting room and opened the door by accident, and his remarks were broadcast to the assembled reporters at the production presentation site.

Finally, he misinterpreted the door and wound up volunteering in Africa. “Who wants to go for a year?” Hanbyul and Taeseong asked. “It wasn’t even if you hadn’t laughed at me,” they said, blaming each other.

It was my responsibility to go to the bathroom when I had an upset stomach, Kang Yoo-seong (Yoon Jong-hoon), who couldn’t stay by Gong Tae-seong’s side because he had a stomach upset at the site a year ago, said, putting an end to the argument.

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