Shooting Stars Episode 2 Recap: Cause of Lee Sung Kyung & Kim Dae Young’s Bad Relationship Revealed

In Shooting Stars Ep 2, the cause behind Gong Tae Sung and Oh Han Byul’s complicated relationship was revealed.

Gong Tae Sung (Kim Dae Young) returned from South Africa after one year and his relationship with Oh Han Byul (Lee Sung Kyung) was drawn in Shooting Stars kdrama episode 2. Gong Tae-Seong, who has tormented Oh Han-byul since the beginning of her career, has shown interference on a scale of one to ten since then. The company’s employees were intrigued about Gong Tae-sung and Oh Han-byul’s strained relationship when they arrived.

Gong Tae-Sung, who keeps an eye on Oh Han-byeol. He has been watching Oh Han-byeol since she arrived at work, and grabbed attention by stating, “Oh Han-byul is late by 28 seconds, can’t you go fast?”

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Shooting Stars Ep 2

Gong Tae-Seong, who had been observing Oh Han-byul’s workplace, began to notice after that, saying, “I just work comfortably.” Following up to the meeting room, Gong Tae-Sung said to Oh Han-byul, who arrived after lunch, “Lunch took more than 30 minutes. Is it true that you’re travelling around the company?” “Did you have a meeting?” Hanbyul inquired. “I’ll report ahead of time,” Taeseong stated.

Oh Han-byul, who confronted Gong Tae-seong after exiting the restroom, was enraged, asking, “Let’s not take money while going to the bathroom, should we? Let’s not even talk about constipation on a human level.” At this, Gong Tae-Seong burst out laughing. The manager of Tae-Seong Gong cheered on Han-byul, who was perplexed, by stating, “Fighting.”

Han Dae-soo (Kim Dae-gon) approached with great interest. Han Dae-su brought up the story six years ago and explained why the two had such a strained relationship. “There will be no such huge exchange in the future,” Han Dae-soo stated, “the time was six years ago.”

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Shooting Stras Kdrama Ep 2

Oh Han-byul began producing reports for Gong Tae-sung when she was a freshman six years ago. Hanbyul made a mistake by deleting the Korean character ‘archaeologist’ because her supervisor talked to her when she was looking at the word ‘archaeologist’ when his boss requested her to check for mistakes. As a result, Gong Tae-sung’s press statement was written as ‘Goja.’

The organisation was flooded with requests for words that had even made it to the top of real-time search terms. To make matters worse, the reporter’s phone call was answered by Oh Han-byul, who gave the incorrect answer. Gong Tae-Sung, enraged, stormed inside the company and began searching for Oh Han-byul, calling out, “Who are you, who are you?”

Following that, there was a chase after Oh Han-byul and Gong Tae-Seong. Gong Tae-sung, who had been following Oh Han-byeol to the men’s bathroom, became enraged and climbed on top of the bathroom door. “I’m sorry,” he responded in response to the scary star’s apologies, “look at me, I’m not sure whether that’s me or not,” and then stepped out to untie the belt. It was Han Dae-soo who kept such nothingness at bay. “It was the first time I prevented males from taking down zippers,” Han Dae-soo stated. Gongtae later claimed that he developed Traumatic Stress Syndrome as a result of this.

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“If you look back, it was a good promotion for the movie back then,” Park Ho-young said after hearing these two people’s accounts. “I believed that wouldn’t be the case if he went to Africa,” Oh Han-byul stated, dissatisfied with the scenario, “but if I still have nightmares, that time will come.” Oh Han-byeol said, and Jo Jo-beum laughed at her, asking, “Is it going to a complete audience?”

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