Shooting Stars Episode 11 Recap: Kim Young Dae Embroids In Dating Rumours With Choi Ji Woo

In Shooting Stars Ep 11, a photo of Gong Tae-seong (Kim Young Dae) and Eun Si-woo (Choi Ji-woo) hugging was promptly published. Gong Tae-seong’s dating rumours received a lot of attention as a result.

However, only the back of Eun Si-woo was videotaped, leaving the major character of Gong Tae-seong’s dating rumours unknown. After speaking with Eun Si-woo, Star Force Entertainment director and lawyer, Oh Han-byeol (Lee Sung-kyung) published an official statement. She categorically dismissed Gong Tae-seong’s relationship allegations and declared the situation to be over.

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Gong Tae-seong’s pain was merely the beginning, despite the fact that it ended with an incident. Gong Tae-seong’s special person is Kwon Myung-hee, a house helper who has been serving salty meals to him. Gong Tae-seong was traumatised by salty food, just as Kwon Myung-hee had predicted. Kang Min-gyu smiled as he surreptitiously observed Gong Tae-sun’s disturbed state on stage. Gong Tae-seong, on the other hand, was charmed by Oh Han- byul’s honest support and his agency members’ efforts to protect him.

Kwon Myung-hee, Gong Tae-sung’s anti-fan, was equally smitten with Oh Han-byul. Oh Han-byul confronted Kwon Myung-hee, who had deliberately irritated her by sending SNS posts, and argued with her. “You’re going to break up soon anyway,” Kwon Myung-hee sarcastically commented. The Chilling Star tried to be unconcerned as he heard these, but his heart was racing. Gong Tae-seong planned a romantic camping date for Oh Han-byeol.

Oh Han-byeol, asked Gong Tae-seong about Kwon Myung-hee and openly expressed his anxiety. Hearing this, Gong Tae-seong remembered the first time he met Oh Han-byul and was convinced that “it was only you from the start.” As a result, the two developed a greater bond and trust.

Then one day, Gong Tae-seong received an anonymous text message. It was a statement declaring Anti cafĂ©, presence by authenticating the anti-cafe’s ‘more and more Taeseong’ and Star Force employee ID. When Gong Tae-seong heard the message, he was taken aback “Be aware that there are others on your side who despise you. Take care! Don’t be deceived by your kind face.”

Following that, Gong Tae-seong, who went to Star Force to speak with Kang Yoo-seong, expressed his concern, after seeing an employee ID card. Seeing this, Hanbyul and Yooseong designed a countermeasure. “It may not be the person you are attending to today,” Oh Han-byeol guessed as she questioned the anti-fan who authenticated the employee ID. Kang Yoo-seong suspected Gong Tae-sung’s ex-manager Kang Min-Gyu’s doing based on a few indications and went to visit him. Meanwhile, Kang Min-gyu has sent out another tip email to Gong Tae-seong.

Shooting Stars Episode 11

A massive scandal eventually erupted. The woman in the hug photo was confirmed to be Eun Si-woo, sparking allegations of an affair between Gong Tae-seong and Eun Si-woo. At the same time, Gong Tae-seong was perplexed after receiving an anonymous message that caused Kang Yoo-seong to be suspicious.

At the end of Shooting Stars Ep 11, faced with a lengthy line of reporters in front of his house, Gong Tae-seong passed out on the spot. Gong Tae-seong observed Oh Han-byeol racing towards him at this point, even as he was losing his mind and thinking, “I’m relieved. Oh, Han-byul, this is you.”

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