Shooting Stars Episode 10 Recap: Kim Young Dae’s House Helper’s Identity Revealed

In Shooting Stars Ep 10, the exhilaration and new love atmosphere around Tae-seong (Kim Young-dae) and Han-byul (Lee Sung-kyung) were short-lived, and the crises surrounding Tae-seong were unveiled one by one.

When Taesung’s housekeeper, Myeong-hee, broke her mentality and Si-woo (Tae’s mum), who wants to be closer to his son Tae-seong, was revealed, it was a series of tension and enjoyment.

Furthermore, the introduction of a new anti-force has sparked speculation about the future. When they couldn’t meet because of filming, they shared images of their daily lives, and Taesung and Hanbyul’s love became stronger.

Yoo-seong asks Han-byeol to come to Taesung’s house after Si-woo (Tae’s mum) and Myung-hee (Tae’s Househelper) had a disagreement at Tae-sung’s house. Hanbyul, who had run to Taeseong’s house, happened to run into Myunghee in the foyer by coincidence.

When Myung-hee saw the necklace around Hanbyul’s neck, she burst out laughing, making Hanbyul perplexed. She has a same brand necklace, and she knew they were dating. Han Byul, who had calmed her emotions, held Tae-seong and offered him sympathy, but Myung-hee’s disappointment could not be hidden.

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Shooting Stars Kdrama Ep 10

Meanwhile, Yoo-seong begins to have concerns about Myung-hee’s identity after Si-woo expresses suspicions about Myung-hee’s identity. Something seemed fishy when I looked back. Dae-soo, who introduced Myung-hee, tries but fails to discover her genuine identity, and as Yoo-seong is anxious, Myung-hee’s true identity is revealed. She was a member of the Taesung’s anti-club.

When huge and little crises occurred around him, such as Siwoo’s return to Korea and the necklace incident with Myeonghee, Hanbyul was concerned for Taeseong’s safety. But Tae-seong, who was completely oblivious of the circumstances, was happy with Hanbyul.

Meanwhile, Myung-hee began moving in earnest after learning that Star Force was doing a background inquiry. Myung-hee delivered a package to her PR team’s office, where she showed them things including the jewellery Han Byul received from Tae-seong. ‘Did you think you were special?’ she adds to Hanbyul. Please don’t misunderstand me. You’re as ordinary as that necklace, “Hanbyul’s concern was heightened when she saw this.

Myung-hee immediately went to Tae’s house and announced her resignation. As a final goodbye, Myung-hee requested a hug from Tae-seong, who was perplexed, and muttered in Tae’s ear, “So I didn’t accept it when I gave it to you. You will remember me if you eat salty foods in the future. What do you think? Now I’m also unique?” Tae-seong, who had been wronged by someone he trusted, was baffled by the circumstance and collapsed.

Yooseong, on the other hand, discovered Myeonghee’s identity and dashed to Taeseong’s house. Myung-hee was the type of person who made it fun to form connections by lavishing expensive presents on male celebrities. When Tae-sung continued to decline gifts, Myeong-hee disguised himself as a maid and dug into Tae’s side.

Furthermore, she purposefully make salty food to Tae-sung in order to become a special existence to him, and every time Tae-seong ate salty food, he implied that he would be reminded of her. Yooseong wrapped up Myeonghee’s case by speaking with a lawyer, Soohyuk, and filing for an access ban, while Hanbyul stood by Taesung’s side, who was stunned.

However, at the end of the Shooting Star Ep 10 another award-winning figure who aims for Taeseong appeared and the tension soared. It was revealed that Mingyu (Lee Han-ik), Tae-seong’s former manager, was a member of Tae-seong’s anti-cafe. Moreover, he was seen as an acquaintance with Han Byul-Tae-seong’s best friend and actor Lee Yun-woo (Lim Seong-gyun), who passed away earlier, raising questions about his identity.

Kim Young-dae won sympathy from viewers in Shooting Star episode 10 by conveying the excitement and tension that top stars face on a daily basis. Anyone would be surprised if he believed the person he trusted was actually a different person who had approached him to harm her. Also, Hanbyul stood by his side and consoled Taeseong, bringing tears to the eyes of those watching.

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