Shooting Stars Ending Explained: A Happy Ending

The kdrama ‘Shooting Stars‘ ended with a rosy and a happy ending.

It was a happy ending for, Lee Sung-kyung (Oh Han-byeol), Kim Young-dae (Gong Tae-seong), Yoon Jong-hoon (Kang Yu-seong), Kim Yun-hye (Park Ho-young), Park So-jin (Jo Gi-beum), Lee Jung-shin (Do Soo-hyuk), and others. They finally confirmed their love for one another and lived happily ever after.

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Shooting Stars Ep 16

Shooting Stars Ep 16 Recap & Ending Explained

In Shooting Stars Ep 16 which was 5he final and last episode, Oh Han-byeol (Lee Seong-kyung) and Gong Tae-seong (Kim Young-dae) must meet while avoiding the public eye, and their efforts were depicted.

The appearance that the pair could not even eat comfortably disappointed the two of them even their Jeju Island trip was also ruined. However, the two confirmed their love for one other, put a stop to this unusual romance, announced their relationship publically, and had a rosy ending as a result.

Meanwhile, Yooseong inherited the directorship from Ji-hoon, and Ho-yeong became the first team’s leader, and they both were revived as a ‘manager couple.’

By balancing job, love, and work-life, Jo Gibeum and Soo-hyeok become cool and great lovers.

Each character had a happy ending: Dae-su, Da-hye, Si-deok, Jeong-yeol, Jae-yeon, Yuna, Eun-su and Bo-in, each had their own happy ending.

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Shooting Stars stars, Image Source: Twitter

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In this approach, ‘Shooting Star’ shows the dazzling entertainment industry as a welcoming workplace and cheerfully depicts the lives of the stars and the people around them, giving viewers a sense of closeness and satisfaction.

Furthermore, viewers enjoyed the vibrant and amusing episodes loaded with laughter and emotions.

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