Shin Ye-Eun, Kang Hoon, Kim Ki-Hae, and Ryeo-Woon To Lead New Historical Drama ‘The Love Story Of Flower Scholars’

‘The Love Story Of Flower Scholars’ brings together actors Shin Ye-Eun, Kang Hoon, Kim Ki-hae, and Ryeo-woon.

Shin Ye-Eun, Kang Hoon, Kim Ki-hae, and Ryeo-woon have been reportedly cast as the lead parts in the new SBS drama ‘The Love Story Of Flower Scholars,’ (written by Kwon Eum-mi, Kim Ja-Hyun, directed by Kim Jung-min, produced by Apollo Pictures Fan Entertainment).

The love story of Flower Scholars is about the proprietor of “Gaekju Ewhawon,’ a boarding house that defies stereotypes, and the mysterious boarding students who band together to find Lee Seol, an elderly man who vanished 13 years ago. “Sweet mystery and close-knit romance” is what it stands for.

Yoon Dan-oh, the female lead, will be played by Shin Ye-eun in the drama. Dan-oh Yoon is the owner of Summer Palace, a guest house that rents rooms to scholars from all over the country as part of their preparations. Kang Hoon, Kim Ki-hae, and Ryeo-un are divided into three scholars who live in the Summer Palace.

The four youths who shared the concept of “finding a disgruntled son” raises the expectations of how the romance of the four youths will unfold.

Meanwhile, ‘The Love Story of Flowers Scholars‘ is expected to air in the first half of 2023.

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