[Rumour] BTS’ V And Blackpink’s Jennie Dating..Date In Jeju Island..Their Agencies Said Nothing

Are Blackpink’s Jennie and BTS V dating?

On the 23rd, reports of Jennie and V dating surfaced in a variety of online forums, beginning with an SNS account.

There are photos flying around of two people being seen on Jeju Island.”I received a report,” the author claimed, adding, “It may look similar, but two top idols were captured together in Jeju Island.”

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Image Source: Musicmundial

The two are on a trip to Jeju Island in the shot. A blurred photo of a man at the wheel and a woman wearing sunglasses in the passenger seat. Many internet users, however, believe these are Jenny and V.

Because V and Jenny just posted images of their trip to Jeju Island on their individual Instagram accounts and altered their profiles to ‘V’ and ‘J,’ the relationship rumours are gaining steam.

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Image Source: Allkpop

In February of last year, Jennie was linked to Big Bang’s G-Dragon, but her agency, YG Entertainment, denied to comment, saying, “It is difficult for the company to confirm her personal life.”

However, once G-Dragon’s account was unfollowed on the 21st, reports of a split surfaced, leading to dating rumours with V.

Recently, V mistakenly followed Jennie on Instagram which also led netizens to spread rumours regarding Jennie and V’s relationship. Jennie also received harsh comments from netizens after she was followed by V.

Jenny’s and V’s agencies, YG Entertainment and Big Hit Music respectively, have yet to comment.

Until their agencies clarify whether V and Jennie dating, we can’t say that they are in relationship.

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