Reborn Rich Episode 9 Recap & Summary

In Reborn Rich Ep 9, Jin Do-joon (Song Joong-ki) faced off against Jin-hwa-yeong (Kim Shin-rok) properly. Jin Do-joon’s attempt to bring down Jin-hwa-young was drawn.

On this day, Jin Hwa lost 140 billion won of her public money because her stock investment failed. In response, Jin Do-joon met with Seo Min-yeong and asked him to investigate the suspicion of embezzlement of public funds by Jin Hwa-young.

Seo Min-young accepted this and started an investigation. Jin Hwa-young was shunned by Oh Se-hyeon and Jin Do-jun, as well as her husband Choi Chang-je. She belatedly realized that it was Jin Do-joon’s ruse, so Jin Hwa-yeong ran to Jin Yang-chul. However, Jin Yang-cheol did not accept Jin Hwa-young.

It was Mo Hyun-min who saved Jinhwa-yeong from a corner. Jin Hwa-yang claimed that she was a victim of Jin Do-jun’s fraudulent dealings. Jin Do-jun used Seo Min-young to steal Sunyang Department Store by giving false information.

In the end, Seo Min-young asked Jin Do-joon why he reported it to him, saying, “There was definitely a circumstance that suspected embezzlement of public money, but he couldn’t prove it. Jin Do-joon replied, “Seo Min-young, you will become a good prosecutor in the future. A fairly good prosecutor who is not afraid of chaebols and difficult for those in power. Because I know such a prosecutor, Seo Min-young.

Afterwards, Jin Do-joon went to Jin Hwa-yeong and demanded that to hand over the Sunyang Department Store. When Jin Hua-yeong refused, Jin Do-jun warned, “She will not be able to come down on her own. It is not the position she climbed on her own.”

Subsequently, Jin Do-joon held a board meeting and demanded the dismissal of CEO Jin-hwa-young, taking advantage of the fact that Miracle is the largest shareholder of Sunyang Department Store. In response, Jinhwa-young claimed that it was her own amputee clinical responsibility for raising her slush fund with her borrowed-name account and coordinating contracts with her department store vendors.

However, Im Sang-mu recorded all of Jin-hwa-young’s instructions. on the day of the board. Im Sang-mu, who had decided to side with Jin Do-joon, could not attend the board meeting. In response, Jin Hwa-young shouted, “The truth of the suspicion of embezzlement of public money surrounding me is a false report. The Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office has already entered into an internal investigation into the false report.”

And Seo Min-young, who appeared just in time, stood by Jin-hwa-young and said, “I have secured evidence to prove the false information.” Hearing this, Jin Hwa-young smiled confidently, and Jin Do-jun, who stood up from his seat, met Seo Min-young’s eyes.

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