Reborn Rich Episode 6 Recap & Summary

In Reborn Rich Ep 6, Jin Do-jun (Song Joong Ki) was shocked to learn that his biological mother had died from an extreme decision rather than a heart attack. The mother I know wouldn’t make such a decision, he remarked. He went to the Baekban house that her mother managed in search of the cause and discovered the sole hint she had left, a stock account.

Before she was born, her mother spent all of her money—even creating debt—investing in Sunyang Life Science. Jin Do-Joon gave Oh Se-Hyeon the task of looking into this and soon discovered that Sunyang Life Sciences had created a perception in the media after the IMF that Sunyang Life Sciences, although having no commercial prospects, was a “haven of dreams and hopes.”

As a result, Sunyang Living Science, which attracted minority shareholders, was able to record the daily maximum limit but ultimately decided to dissolve the business. During the process, a speculative hedge fund by the name of Neinus purchased and sold shares of Sunyang Life Science quickly and profitably. This particular Neinus is actually a group of former Sunyang Group financial executives.

When Jin Yang-cheol gained management rights, Jin Do-joon observed that instead of paying inheritance tax, he sacrificed minority stockholders. Jin Yang-cheol actually used 90 billion won from the closure of Sunyang Life Science to purchase shares in his parent business, Sunyang Mulsan, under a false name.

One of them, Jin Seong-joon, was chosen to lead a construction company as managing director. But it contained a lot of meaning. Jin Yang-cheol then drove Jin Seong-jun to Nanjido and gave him the following instructions: “This is the new Seoul Town development site. Build the World Cup main stadium over there and create a new city next to it with a budget of 5 trillion won. You take charge of the bidding and construction and create a new city.” Jin Seong-jun followed Jin Yang-instructions. cheol’s In addition, Jin Seong-joon intended to raise 5 trillion won to use as a slush fund in the event that Jin Yang-cheol passed away before the succession was settled.

Jin Do-joon developed an interest in the new Seoul Town development site at about the same time. He came to the realization that Sangam land was required for the development of the digital and media sectors after being inspired by Oh Se- Hyeon’s comments, “New industries require new land, and money must be gathered there.” It was New Seoul Town that was under doubt. Jin Do-joon moved quickly to acquire a construction firm as long as there were no affiliates, making talks simple and posing a risk to the owner.

In order to accomplish this, Choi Chang-je, the son-in-law of the Sunyang family who was nominated by Jin Yang-cheol for the Seoul mayoral election, was approached by Oh Se-hyeon, the representative of Miracle, and told him that he wanted to support him. They would rather have the ability to create a new Seoul city. Oh Se-hyun pledged to keep her identity a secret in response to Jinhwa-young’s objection that she could only fly in her father’s eyes. Jinhwa-young then countered, stating, “Add risk allowance” and “Let’s make a donation of 20 billion.”

Oh Se-hyeon joined hands with Choi Chang-je and Jin Jin-young, blew his nose, and did not address the topic of the sought-after acquisition of the construction firm. Choi Chang-je advised emphasised his ‘justice’-oriented spirit of the times in order to win the party’s nomination. Choi Chang-jae, who later rose to prominence as a prosecutor, looked into the theft and breach of trust committed by the construction company’s owner’s family. Along with receiving a resounding amount of public support, he soon succeeded in joining the ruling party.

When nominations grew challenging, Choi Chang-je turned to Jin Yang-cheol, and on the suggestion of Jin Do-jun, “I plan to quit pretending to be a righteous prosecutor and attempt to legitimately become a conglomerate sniper. Jin Yang-cheol stopped stepping on Choi Chang-je and permitted the mayoral election, but only on the condition that he work with him moving forward.

The newly elected mayor, Choi Chang-jae, however, honored his word to deal with Oh Se-hyeon rather than Jin Yang-cheol. Jin Yang-cheol summoned Choi Chang-je after learning that the development project for the new Seoul town had been given to another company. In contrast to previously, Jin Yang-cheol remarked as Choi Chang-jae appeared with his neck tense “Who do you trust to be so arrogant now? Did he tell you to hand over the New Seoul Town project? Is the one behind you Miracle?” asked directly. However, Choi Chang-je drew a line with Jin Yang-cheol and avoided the answer.

Of course, Jin Yang-cheol was not alone. Later, Oh Se-hyeon was accused of giving a large amount of bribes to Choi Chang-je to bid for the development of the new Seoul project and was taken to the prosecution. Behind this, there was Jin Yang-cheol. Chief Secretary Lee Hang-jae, who appeared in front of Oh Se-hyeon, said, “The chairman told me to bring the real major shareholder of Miracle in front of him.”

Just in time, Mo Hyun-bin found out that Jin Do-jun was the real owner of Miracle, and Jin Do-jun revealed his identity in front of Jin Yang-cheol, saying, “Jin Do-joon, the major shareholder of Miracle.” In the preview, he drew attention by replying to Jin Yang-cheol, who was angry about why he did this, saying, “I want to buy a sunyang.”

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