Reborn Rich Episode 5 Recap & Summary

In Reborn Rich Ep 5, When the IMF foreign exchange crisis broke out, the only person who predicted and prepared for this situation was Jin Do-joon and made a lot of money during the time. “The person who foresaw this disaster and prepared in advance. I am the only one in Korea,” Jin Do-joon stated. I’m the only one in Korea,” he said with a carefree expression. He established the Miracle Investment Company with Oh Se-hyun using the IMF.

Oh Se-hyeok said, “Was it possible to convert all of the 24 billion dollars in dollars and to fly all the way to New York to meet me and make risky investments in order to earn dollars? Isn’t it odd that, at roughly the age of 20, you already knew about this circumstance that nobody anticipated?

When a college student in his 20s noticed the red light, Jin Do-joon asked, “Why did government officials not know about this red light? Isn’t it odd?” he asked, pointing out that foreign exchange liabilities had grown relative to foreign exchange reserves. Oh Se-hyun laughed and said, “Thanks to you, you became one of the people who move the most dollars in Korea.”

Jin Do-joon simultaneously formed a plan to take over Ajin Motors and incurred a huge debt. However, Lee Sang-portrayal min’s of Jin Yang-chul was busy planning defences while asking the executives, “How should we survive?”

When Jin Yang-cheol learned that Ajin Motors, the second-largest company in the industry, was forced into court receivership because it was unable to endure the pressure to repay loans, he made the decision to take over the company.However, Dong-ki and Jin Young-ki objected, claiming that just the interest on the loan was 30%.

The Blue House wants to restructure, and the local car market is gone, Jin Yang-cheol retorted. Our cruiser car, not the Ajin car, is the bomb. He said, “Sunyang Motor, the last in the business for 10,000 years. Then, with unwavering resolve, he declared: “Acquiring Ajin Motors is not a choice; it is survival.”

However, Jinyangcheol faced a crisis as it suffered a cash shortage due to the unreasonable acquisition of Hando Steel. In response, Jin Young-ki said, “There was no problem except for the foreign exchange crisis. He made an excuse, saying, “Even if this son of a motive hadn’t instigated Chairman Daeyoung to raise the amount of Hando Steel.” At that, Jin Yang-cheol said, “It’s okay. It’s all my fault.” He couldn’t hide his disappointment.

On the other hand, Oh Se-hyun imposed requirements for the acquisition, such as Ajin Motors’ employee succession. It turns out that before coming back, Jin Do-joon fought valiantly to stop Yoon Hyun-family woo’s from suffering.

However, ahead of the takeover of Ajin Motors, Jin Do-joon was in a crisis with an article on the front page of the Hanseong Ilbo newspaper titled, “The outflow of national wealth is suspected.” That was Jin’s plan.

Jin Do-joon, who heard the news belatedly, ran to Oh Se-hyeon. Oh Se-hyun asked about the reason for the acquisition of Ajin Motors, and Jin Do-jun said, “Because Sun-yang opposes the succession of employment. Sunyang will fire everyone.” In response, Oh Se-hyun declared the end of the partnership, saying, “If it were, we would not have done it in the first place.”

Later, Jin Do-joon put Oh Se-hyeon in charge of raising money for Jin Yang-cheol to buy Ahjin Motors but instead proposed a 17% interest in Sunyang Motors and the transfer of jobs. In the end, Jin Yangcheol agreed to take the Ajin motor car, and Jin Dojun’s strategy was effective.

Additionally, Jin Do-jun pushed forward to save the Yoon Hyun-woo family by purchasing the building that housed Hyun-Baekban woo’s residence. He said, “This life is not an opportunity for me. It’s a miracle,” he said. However, the joy was short-lived, and despite Jin Do-joon’s efforts, Hyun-woo Yoon’s mother passed away, just like before returning.

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