Reborn Rich Episode 4 Recap & Summary

In Reborn Rich Ep 4, Jin Do-joon (Song Joong-ki) was depicted in earnest igniting his revenge. He started revenge in line with the IMF.

On this day, Sunyang Group’s car crashed due to a defect, and Jin Yang-cheol, who met with the chairman of the competing Daeyoung Group, focused on racing games. The Sunyang Group’s successors were then agitated by the chairman of the Daeyoung Group who declared, “No matter how much time passes, the Sunyang car would never be able to beat our Daeyoung.”Jin Yang-cheol, who had felt the humiliation, approached Jin Young-ki, who stated, “I did a good job of it on my own. Not to worry.”

But Jin Yang-chul slapped Jin Young-ki on the cheek and said, “He’s a pitiful guy,” expressing his disappointment. Jin Do-jun decided to track down Jin Yang-cheol after reading his autobiography and remembering that he had now disappeared and was not present at the location of the new car presentation.

When Jin Yang-chul spotted Jin Do-joon, he became angry and remarked, “Do you think that my insistence on Sunyang cars is a luxurious hobby for a rich old man?”In response, Jin Do-joon said, “It isn’t luxurious in my opinion. It appears to be an engine. My grandfather’s engine provided the power needed to come this far.” This gave Jin Yang-cheol the idea to proclaim at the new car introduction that “Sunyang Motor is the engine of the Sunyang Group.”

However, Jin Hua-young was upset that her father, Jin Yang-cheol, did not support Choi Chang-je, who was trying to enter politics. “She is the one and only high-ranking daughter,” Jin Yang-cheol added. If you want for more, she is greedy.”

My father has no intention of making me a member of the National Assembly of the West Bank,” Jin Hwa-young said. She stated her mistrust for Choi Chang-je after noticing that he could speak the language.

I have to show you how smart I am, Jin Hua-young said as she ignited her determination. Jin Yang-cheol, on the other hand, stated “I have never forgiven the great people who rebelled against me.” “I got a call from the bank. They assert that they have all 24 billion dollars. Where did you spend that much cash?

Jin Do-Joon avoided the situation by telling a lie: “I invested in the movie following my father in New York.” Oh Se-hyeon was then called to Jin Yang-cheol as well. In the Hando Steel takeover struggle, Jo Han-cheol played a vibrator, who Oh Se-hyeon admitted was the person who shook hands with Daeyoung Group.

It was all part of Jin Do-joon’s plan. After paying 750 billion won in addition to Jinhwa- yeong’s 50 billion won, which was put forth by Choi Chang-jae’s assistance to enter politics, Jin Young-ki acquired Hando Steel. However, the IMF exploded before the celebratory drink, and Jin Do-joon grinned deeply.


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