Reborn Rich Episode 3 Recap & Summary

In Reborn Rich Ep 3, started investing in earnest using information about the future. Previously, Jin Do-joon asked Jin Yang-cheol, who said he would give money in return for answering the quiz. Jin replied “I don’t need money. When I grow up enough to spend that money, the value of currency will drop. Give me the land.” He asked for land in Bundang. 

Bundang, which even Jin Yang-cheol ignored at the time as “a place where pottery was built,” was soon included in the new city construction plan and seeked demand for apartments in the Gangnam area. Jin Do-joon earned a whopping 24 billion from this land in Bundang. 

Afterward, Jin Yang-cheol instructed his secretary Lee Hang-jae to report that Jin Do-joon had converted all the money into dollars, so that Jin Do-joon was simply lucky or had good eyesight. Jin Do-joon was investing hard using the real future. Jin Do-joon urged his father, Jin Yoon-gi, who is the head of a film production and import company, to import the movie ‘Home Alone’ in time for the Christmas season, and brought in a jackpot. In this way, Jin Do-jun showed his interest in investment and followed his father to visit the American film market.

When Jin Do-jun, who discovered the ‘Titanic’ poster, actively advises his father to invest in the production of ‘Titanic’, Oh Se-hyun also tries to invest $10 million in ‘Titanic’ despite the opposition of his subordinate Rachel.

Jin Do-joon took an interest in Oh Se-hyeon, who had the same opinion as him and had a good eye, and investigated his identity through the company name written on the paper bag he was holding. After meeting Oh Se-hyun, Jin Do-jun confirmed that he was interested in the match between the supercomputer Deep Blue and the check champion.

In response, Jin Do-joon said, “Everyone talks about it as the match of the century, but in fact, aren’t you interested in it? Aren’t you watching it while worrying about the value and income rate of the company that made Deep Blue? ” he suggested. Then, even before the game was over, he advised, “Deep Blue will win, so invest in IBM before this match ends.”

Oh Se-hyun did not believe Jin Do-joon’s words. Then Jin Do-joon said, “After the chess game, the representative will want to meet me,” and left the number on the napkin in front of him and left first. Afterwards, the game ended with the victory of the supercomputer as Jin Do-jun said, and when Oh Se-hyeon, who was surprised, urgently went to find Jin Do-jun, Jin Do-jun reappeared.

Jin Do-joon suggested, “I plan to invest in an American company. I want the CEO to prove my feelings with numbers. Accurate data required for investment, with a certain amount of cash.” However, Oh Se-hyeon said, “Our company’s minimum investment amount is 30 million won,” and also ignored Jin Do-jun’s answer, “That’s a lot of money.”

At that time, Jinyangcheol was working hard to acquire Hando Steel. However, an unexpected foreign investment company targeting Hando Steel appeared. It was Oh Se-hyeon, and Jin Do-joon was behind it.

Oh Se-hyun asked Jin Do-jun, who was trying to take over Hando Steel, which had a debt of 4.2 trillion, for 500 billion, “Why do you want such an excessive investment?”. Through this, Oh Se-hyun roughly noticed the situation and asked again, “What he want is not just a limited steel but the whole company.”

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