Reborn Rich Episode 15 Recap & Summary

In the JTBC drama ‘Reborn Rich‘ which aired on the 24th, Do-joon Jin (played by Song Joong-ki) was in a car accident and faced with his former self, Hyun-woo Yoon (played by Song Joong-ki).

On this day, Jin Do-joon proposed an ‘individual workout system’ as a remedy for credit delinquents at the creditors’ council, which was held to normalize Sunyang Card. Jin Do-jun promises that he will take responsibility for the bad debts, as long as this is guaranteed, to Oh Se-hyun’s surprise. However, in the end, Jin Do-joon made a wise decision. Jin Do-joon took over Sunyang Card to settle his debts and became the largest shareholder by transferring his stake in Sunyang Corporation, a collateral property.

Jin Young-ki, who did not know this, tried to proceed with the official procedure for the succession of the chairman at the 1st anniversary memorial service for Jin Yang-cheol, and Jin Seong-joon also expected that Sunyang Mulsan would win him.

Jin Do-joon met with Jin Young-ki earlier and said, “I was informed that the creditors of Sunyang Card had finished their last meeting. They said that Sunyang Card would be normalized soon. The institution that took over Sunyang Card must have strong finances. They said they paid it back,” he said.

Jin Young-ki said, “I went back and forth between my brother and me with a debt of 800 billion won and doubled the business. That was twice as well.” He was devastated. Jin Do-joon said, “Yes. I need some money. I was taking over the shares in the borrowed name of Sunyang Mulsan,” and admitted, “I am the largest shareholder of Sunyang Mulsan.”

When things went wrong right in front of his eyes, Jin Seong-jun started a war of nerves, blaming his father, Jin Young-ki. Later, Jin Do-joon was accused of delivering illegal presidential campaign funds and reunited with Seo Min-young. Seo Min-young told Jin Do-joon, “In the end, we will meet again like this. As the prosecutor and suspect in charge,” and said that Ha In-seok’s (Park Ji-hoon) testimony was undeniable evidence.

However, all of this was Jin Do-joon’s plan. Minyoung Seo confessed that Vibrator, who was fired for embezzlement of public money, ordered the delivery of funds for the presidential election, and Seo Min-young knew that Jin Do-jun had foreseen all of this and asked, “Is that how you must have it, Sunyang management rights?”

Then Jin Do-joon said that he would never forget what Jin Young-gi did to him, and said, “It means I can never live as a conglomerate like that. You said it would get worse if I became the commander of Sunyang. Is that the reason we broke up?” When Seo Min-yeong did not say anything, Jin Do-joon suggested, “Let’s meet again when Jang Mi-ran wins the silver medal.” Afterwards, Jin Seong-jun blamed Jin Young-ki for illegal fundraising before appearing at the prosecution.

However, Jin Do-joon donated 700 billion won of the legacy he received from Jin Yang-cheol, emerging as an icon of ‘Noblesse Oblige’ and gaining popularity. Meanwhile, Seo Min-yeong watched as Jang Mi-ran won the silver medal.

At that time, Jin Do-jun called and promised to meet Seo Min-young and Jin Do-jun. However, on the way to meet Seo Min-yeong, Jin Do-joon got into another car accident and became unconscious.

Jin Do-jun said, ‘It was a rule with no exceptions. What happened in the past life has to happen again and again in this life,” he said, looking at the perpetrator. However, what was there was his former self, Yoon Hyeon-woo (Song Joong-ki). Jin Do-joon was shocked, saying, “I was the one who killed me.”

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