Reborn Rich Episode 14 Recap & Summary

In Reborn Rich Ep 14, the youngest son of a conglomerate family’ Song Joong-ki shed tears when he learned the true meaning of Lee Seong-min’s will. In the JTBC Friday-Saturday drama ‘Reborn Rich’, which aired on the 18th, Jin Do-joon (Song Joong-ki) confirmed the real will of Jin Yang-cheol (Lee Sung-min)

On this day, Seo Min-yeong (Shin Hyun-bin) was disappointed with Jin Do-joon that Lee Pil-ok (Kim Hyun-min) stole it abroad. Seo Min-young said, “Is it you? your grandmother Lee Pil-ok, the suspect in the murder teacher case. She is the one who fled abroad,” she asked. She continued, “Have you made a deal? Because of Sunyang Life shares? Did you make a deal with the suspect I was trying so hard to catch? You don’t know better than anyone why I wanted to catch you so much.”

In response, Jin Do-joon said, “It’s almost here. It is over when the CEO is elected at the general meeting of shareholders. I have nothing to disappoint you anymore.” At that, Seo Min-young said, “No, you will get worse. I want to keep that position,” she said firmly.

On the day of the shareholders’ meeting of Sunyang Life Insurance, Lee Hang-jae (Jeong Hee-tae) betrayed Jin Do-jun by holding the hand of Jin Seong-jun (Kim Nam-hee). Previously, Lee Hang-jae visited Jin Seong-jun and told Jin Yang-cheol of delirium, saying, “I am too old and tired. Share your share. I want to live as the owner of even a small piece of land.” Afterwards, Jin Seong-joon spread the rumor that Jin Do-joon was an immoral person who went on a rampage in the hospital room with a will right before the death of Chairman Jin Yang-cheol to shareholders right before the vote.

In response, Jin Do-joon explained that he was not, but he did not believe it. There was a CCTV camera installed in the hospital room of Chairman Jin Yang-cheol, who passed away. Let’s check out the video here,” he suggested. In response, Lee Hang-jae heard the voice of Jin Do-joon, who gave the order to delete the CCTV video of Chairman Jin Yang-cheol.

In the end, Jin Do-jun, who was caught by his ankle, was not elected, and Lee Hang-jae took his place as the representative. At the same time, Lee Hang-jae asked Jin Do-joon, “Have you ever thought about it, Do-joon-kun? Chairman Jin Yang-cheol would have told me to delete the CCTV footage?” he whispered.

Afterwards, Seongjun Jin went to Hangjae Lee, who became the CEO of Sunyang Life Insurance, and threatened him. He said, “His grandfather thought it was a borrowed-name account that borrowed the name of Chief Lee, but Chief Lee must have thought of it as his own account. Return the business card. I will treat it as severance pay. Or would you stand in the photo line for embezzlement of public money?”

In response, Lee Hang-jae said, “Did you think about it from the time you proposed the position of president of the holding company? I have dedicated my life to Sun Yang. This purebred was raised by your grandfather and me. But why do I have to be treated like this?” At that, Jin Seong-jun said, “Are you unfair? Then he just needs to be reborn,” he laughed.

Continuing, Jin Seong-jun sat in the meeting room alone and found Jin Do-jun, who was lost in thought. Seongjun Jin said, “Grandpa is a very interesting person. Why did he leave the will like that when he said he would appoint you as the CEO of the holding company? I’ve been thinking for a while. After much thought, I, the eldest grandson, decided to take the initiative myself. To make it clear to you what a will means. Now you are no match for us. Above all, I couldn’t dare to say that I was the favorite grandson of Chairman Jin Yang-cheol. There’s only one thing you can do against Sunyang. Give me everything you own. I will pay the price properly.

However, Jin Do-joon said, “You are quite confident. No matter how much I think about it, I don’t know. It’s like what my grandfather left behind in his will. In the end, Jin Do-joon, who did not get anything, used Choi Chang-je (Kim Do-hyun), who dreams of winning the presidential election. Jin Do-jun spread that Jin Yang-chul’s establishment of a holding company was a trick to avoid the astronomical inheritance tax, and he pushed for the rejection of the Jin-san Separation Easing Act.

In response, Choi Chang-che said, “You can’t even imagine. The person who crashed the hero was the grandson that President Jin Yang-cheol cherished and loved the most,” he laughed. Afterwards, Jin Do-joon checked the mail that arrived at the office. It was a USB containing Jin Yang-cheol’s recording. Jin Yang-cheol, who was revising the will at the time, said, “I hate Do-jun, so I am trying to amend the will. I’m going to drive him to limb.

He’s a kid who can’t do anything to survive. I know he is a child who would say he would buy Sunyang even if he had to sell me. If you step on me, there’s nothing you can’t do now. Only then can he protect and live,” he said, explaining why he did not leave a legacy. Do-joon is my grandson. My grandson who resembles me the most”, revealing his affection. Seeing this, Jin Do-joon shed tears while watching the video.

In addition, Jin Yang-cheol inherited a real legacy through Lee Hang-jae. It was the ‘micro project’, a ledger of slush funds that Jin Yang-cheol painstakingly prepared. These were documents from the Ghost Paper Company that Jin Do-joon had found while living as Yoon Hyeon-woo. Jin Yang-cheol’s real legacy is that he handed over an enormous slush fund of 600 million dollars to Jin Do-joon.

Lee Hang-jae said, “I’ve been preparing for quite a while. No one in Sunyang knows about the existence of this money. A perfect slush fund that does not pay gift tax or inheritance tax. You asked me several times. When Dojun-gun realizes the teachings of the chairman left in his will, make sure to tell him.”

In response, Jin Do-joon said, “But why did you give it to me? Even if it is in the hands of the chief, no one will be able to find it, so is this the last loyalty to my grandfather?” Lee Hang-jae said, “Will you believe me if I say that now? It wasn’t my choice to be born as a mareum, but I could choose the master I would serve. You can’t give Sunyang to Jin Yang-gi (Yoon Je-moon) and Vibration-gi (Jo Han-cheol). Isn’t Do-joon thinking the same?”

On the other hand, Jin Do-joon suggested to Dong-gi to buy a Sun-yang card, saying, “I gave up my dream of succeeding the Sun-yang group.” In addition, Jin Do-Jun also contacted Jin Young-Ki and instigated a fight between his brothers. Afterwards, Vibrator purchased Sunyang Card with 2% of Sunyang Corporation as collateral. However, the credit card crisis broke out, with late card fees piled up like snowflakes, and Vibrator’s Sunyang card was on the verge of bankruptcy.

In response, Vibrator asked Jin Young-gi to distribute 400 billion won and warned, “If you don’t help, you will be in danger.” In the end of Reborn Rich Ep 14, Jin Young-ki found out that Vibrator handed over the 2% stake in the product to Jin Do-joon. Jin Young-gi went to Jin Do-jun right away and said that he would buy it himself, but Jin Do-jun did not accept it easily.

Jin Do-joon sold Sunyang Card for twice the price he would receive, and Jin Yang-gi bought a 2% stake in Sunyang Mulsan for 1.6 trillion won. In response, Jin Do-jun said, “If it is 1.6 trillion, it will help to normalize the Sunyang card, but with this money, his uncle bought the position of the gunman. Did he say that the whole country fell into moral hazard? I think so too.”

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